Published on July 05, 2022 (Updated on July 11, 2022)

Food Enhancements (V2)

What is Food Enhancements?Food Enhancements aims to make your eating and cooking experience in Minecraft better, while still being as vanilla-friendly as possible. Food Enhancements currently adds some foods and drinks that should fit into a vanilla+. The reason I made this Add-on is because I feel the current amount of food in vanilla Minecraft is just far too little, and can easily be expanded upon by making some simple foods. Food Enhancements doesn't add any new crops, but it does add a few mob drops. The rest of the food can be made by combining already existing vanilla items.

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-Fixed the bug that did not allow more drops to certain mobs.

-Changed the chorus juice recipe.

-I think it works on realms now (I don't have a way to check it).

-Thanks all peoples for reporting these bugs :D.

-sorry for not posting the update before (it seems that mcpedl forgot to accept my update)


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Can you add golden apple pie? Also mod is Awesome!
bat wings is COVID-19
It perfect nothing wrong with the mod it actually works and even though I am on 1.20 yeah it still works pretty good and I like it pretty much 10/10
Bat soup💀
yeah bat soup is weird
Hello @Pupy200mine
I think your addons are just fantastic and wanted to ask if I could add some content from your addons to my addon.
Of course I would also indicate who it is from and link all the necessary pages (mcpedl too, of course).
Hey @Pupy200mine! Contacted MCPEDL for you to see if they missed your updated and they did!

The single player side of things seem to be mostly fixed.

• Green Apple seems to be crazy rare. I understand based off the original addon it was .5% chance to drop but I did testing and could not get it to drop for over an hour. Also the original addon shows a picture of birch leaves = .5%. (Could be they meant leaves in general but just thought id let you know)
• Illager Flesh, when killing a pillager it seems to be a consistent 2 Illager Flesh dropping 80% of the time. Do not know if that's intended just seems to be higher percentage compared to other mobs.

Realms on Version 2.

Now I understand you have no way to check an see if stuff works on realms and I have bad news. The same RP & BP that is working fine on single player is still very broken on realms.

• The Chorus Juice recipe still shows a cactus vs a chorus fruit.
• I am only getting vanilla drops on realms none of the addon drops. (Spider types, Squid, Pillager, Bat all do not have special drops)
• Still haven't seen a Green Apple on Realms either.

I have my pack with no errors like before so that is the one improvement. I organized the pack to be on top of others and below others to see if the arrangement matters (sometimes it does). I truly want to help make this addon work especially since I am a vanilla guy and do not like extreme addons that take away the vanilla feel. If there is anyway I can help more please let me know!
At this point it seems to be a mojang bug not being able to use addons correctly in realms, the rest I try to fix it, but I have a potato laptop and I don't have internet all the time, even so, I will continue improving it.

and about the errors of a single player: the green apple is in the addon, but it is not possible to obtain it, this is because the limitations do not allow to modify the drops of blocks, in the original mod, the pillager can drop from 0 to 3 illager flesh, and in my addon it is the same, so consider yourself lucky to get that much illager flesh, and the rest, I will be verifying that it is wrong, thanks for helping me so much :D
So is there a way to swap the chances of mob drops? I don't exactly see illager flesh as a rewarding thing to get for killing such annoying mobs. Much prefer emeralds.
i have a problem the vanilla loot wont appear just the custom loot appears
Yes, sorry, I have the version that corrects this error, but MCPEDL has not accepted it yet, maybe tomorrow it will be solved :D
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Attempted to add this to my realm and keep getting the error, “The property '/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2”

I played on single player world and it works fine.

Bug I encountered:
- Chorus Juice recipe in crafting table asks for cactus not Chorus Fruit.
- Spiders and Squids only drop the add on items and nothing else…?

I don’t know if I’m alone in these issues… but I really like that add on just trying to make it work properly. Would love a reply or update if my findings are helpful at all or way to fix my problems if it’s just me.
I'll try to fix it, I don't play realms to try it, but I have in mind what could be the error, thanks for reporting :D
Appreciate the reply! Looking forward to the fixes! The biggest in my opinion is the mob drop issue, the fact I can’t have for example string and spider eyes dropping along with the add ons items makes more many farms broken.

Love to hear updates on how it goes! Thank you again!
Done, I couldn't tell you if it works in realms now, I fixed the error you mention but I'm not sure, I just need to wait for MCPEDL to accept the update (it should appear "last update on July 11, 2022" or something similar, The other bugs were also fixed)
I really love ur addon♥️♥️♥️😊😊
Thank you :D, it motivates me to see that people like the recreations I do
Hi, can I add your add-on to my modpack JasherWorld? And can I translate it (with another resource pack, I won't modify your code)?
Sure, I would love to see my recreations of mods in different places :D, (in case of giving credits, you should also give credits to the original creator ISenseHostility, you can see his profile near the beginning)