Forest Decoration 🌳

FOREST DECORATION is an Addon that adds 10 Decorative Blocks with forest themes, So that you can decorate scenarios and etc for your Constructions, Videos, Photos and etc... This ADDON adds Small Trees, Mushrooms and etc, Read the description below ! ⬇️  As said before, this Addon adds 10 Decorative Blocks, and they have variations...Below will be their images, their names and their descriptions.(Blocks are obtained through the game's command chat... Below the name of the Blocks will be their commands, and if you have any doubts, go to the end of the description and see the complete list.) 

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1.19 Version. - Base Version, made for MCBE and released under "Cube Creators" account.

1.20. Version - New Adapted version for MCBE 1.20 (MOD with version 1.19 was replaced for this my new MCPEDL account.) 



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