Published on February 01, 2024 (Updated on February 19, 2024)


FossilFury is an exhilarating Minecraft addon that thrusts players into a prehistoric adventure like never before. Unearth the past as you discover a plethora of meticulously designed dinosaur fossils scattered throughout the world. With awe-inspiring attention to detail, this addon brings life to long-extinct creatures, allowing you to witness the majestic giants of the past roam your Minecraft realms. Whether you seek the ferocious T-Rex or the gentle herbivores, FossilFury delivers a dynamic experience, complete with unique behaviors, sounds, and interactions. Harness the power of the ancient world and let the fury of the fossils unfold in your Minecraft journey.

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Animals like cows, goats and sheep can now be hunted by dinosaurs 

Baby dinosaurs have also been added to this addon.


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Is it possible to play in survival mode?
This comment has been removed
are they tameable
Yeah they are you feed it with the taming feeds