Published on February 01, 2022 (Updated on October 21, 2022)

Free Runner Updated

The islands of this incredible map are floating on top of the lava, but don't worry, you will never die if you make a wrong jump. You will go through biomes and you will go through paths where you will jump too high or you will be able to run at unimaginable speeds overcoming obstacles until you reach different places, with the intention that the panorama is perfect.

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You can repeat as many times as you want and the function of the map will not be altered.

All levels unlocked including the final part. 

Improvement in the description on this site to meet the requirements.

Only the changes are on this page (improved description and updated download link to pass the revision test), the map is not modified.

I do not think that in the future the map will be updated since it is not possible to add more levels and correct commands.

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