FROSTCRAFT (Map Inspired from Frostpunk Game)

Have you ever played the Frostpunk game? Or do you want to live in a colony like  Frostpunk? I present you a frozen steampunk map inspired by the Frostpunk game. Check out more details in the description.

In this Frostcraft map, structures aren’t made following the design of real frost punk infrastructure models. I rather made structures by my own fancy to look like frostpunk style. And finally it is.

If you haven’t heard about Frostpunk game, you had better try the game and its available on steam. Frostpunk is the first society survival game. As the ruler of the last city on Earth, you must manage both its citizens and infrastructure. And about the game, I would love to say that is one of my favorite game.

In this map,
There is a camp at the starting Point,  and its situated on the mountain wall beyond the colony. There is the main generator located at the middle of the colony,  and others buildings are located around it including towers, tents, church and so on.

Frostcraft Vanilla Screenshot:


You are allowed to play in this map however you like. 

Do not export the map anywhere.

Do not share direct link of this Map. 


This map is also available in the Java edition. If you have Java edition Minecraft and are interested to play with this map, you can ask me on Discord.

Map Creator: Tasrif Ibn Mizan 

Thanks to Necrozort for helping me.

I will fix and update with more details soon if I get enough requests from you. 

Hope you will like this map. Please rate it. 


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(Its map by me , not any java map port . After making the map I used java shader to capture realistic screenshots.  Why do you think its java port ? I also have progress screenshots if you need further evidences.)


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