Furnicraft Addon

This add-on adds many decorations, more villagers. There is everything from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to things like a stove, shower products and entertainment-related things, like a pool table and a PC for games. It is a great addon if you want more options to decorate your home.

Creator: ROBERTGAMER69, Twitter Account, YouTube 

How does it work?

Since most furniture is an entity, this means that you can easily rotate the furniture in the direction you want. Some furniture, such as chairs and sofas, also have some functionality in that regard so you can sit on them. Currently, all the furniture is in the creative inventory when you search for FURNICRAFT and you will see all the furniture there.


Here’s a list of the furniture included with this add-on.

    Trampoline for the pool
    Christmas tree
    Gamer PC Set
    Park bench
    water source
    Satanic ritual
    Ceiling fan
    Pool table
    Soccer Table
    Big chewing gum machine
    Small chewing gum machine
    Recreational Machine
    Teddies machine
    Watering can
    Microwave over
    shelves and furniture
    Closet—(16 materials)
    Beach chairs—(16 colors)
    Umbrellas—(16 colors)
    Armchairs—(16 colors)
    Lamps—(16 colors)
    Gamer chairs—(16 colors)
    Beds—(16 colors)
    chairs—(16 materials)
    Small tables—(16 materials)
    Big tables—(16 materials)
    bench—(16 materials)
    Players—(16 skins)
    Tv—(16 texturas)
    Furniture for Tv—(16 colors)
    gifts—(16 colors)

How to get them?

First you will have to obtain the clay for furniture, its elaboration is the following:

When you have clay for furniture, you will have to go to the craft table.

Here is an example of how furniture is obtained at the craft table

and with that done you can get all the furniture in survival
Obviously you can also find them in the creative inventory

The ROTADOR was also added to rotate the furniture can also be obtained with the stone cutter…

How to have a wife and children?

First you will have to look for your future wife and trade with her until you have the option of having a child
NPCs are found in the villages

Here is an example of how the NPC inventory looks

How to get the ring?

You will have to crawl with the Rose Gold ore that can be found in mines or caves throughout the world.
its probability of appearing is average
but if you go to a village below them you can find a lot of rose gold ore.

Here is an example of how the ring is crafted

How do I believe my baby?

You will have to put your child in the crib and give him 1 diamond to become a child
(this can take approximately 5 minutes)

when your child is out of the cradle you must feed him with any of the following foods to make him grow
(cake, apple, sugar, golden apple)

Here is an example of how NPCs look

How do I believe my baby?

you can crackle them with the rose gold ore that you find in mines and below the villages
The Rose Gold apple and the Enchanted Rose Gold Apple were also added

Here is an example of how they crafting

This addon works fine in 1.13.0, 1.13.1, 1.14, it may be that in versions before 1.13 it has failures

Remember that now you can continue subscribing me in the green button above that says [SUBSCRIBE] so you will get a notification every time the addon is updated

And also remember if the addon does not work for you, try installing the addon every time it is updated, maybe an update will work well for you.

you can find more information on my website: link to my website


If you are going to review it on your YouTube channel, leave the link on this page or on my official website. And without shorteners.
So you avoid being removed from the video or receive attacks on your channel

Thank you!


It has been reported that some people when having an item in hand, the buttons and inventory disappear

this is due to an error in the minecraft version and with other addons it also happens

you just have to wait for the game to update and be solved

Changelog View more
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. some files are being prepared for version 15
  5. some files were removed
  6. some files are added (not shown during the game)
  7. fixed an error in the npc
  8. etc...
  1. Now you can download correctly
  2. now clicking on the file installs it correctly
  3. Fixed a bug that wasn't showing some furniture well


  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update 
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. more trophies were added
  5. the model of the umbrella was changed
  6. a swing was added for the trees
  7. a tire swing was added for the trees
  8. the rose gold apple was added
  9. the enchanted rose gold apple was added
  10. a modification was made in all the furniture to reduce lag
  11. now you can get all the furniture on the crafting table
  12. now you can get the brush, the key, and the control in the stone cutter (requires furnicraft clay
  13. ring crafting changed
  14. Fixed an error in the npc
  15. etc..
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. more trophies were added
  5. the model of the umbrella was changed
  6. a swing was added for the trees
  7. a tire swing was added for the trees
  8. the rose gold apple was added
  9. the enchanted rose gold apple was added
  10. a modification was made in all the furniture to reduce lag
  11. now you can get all the furniture on the crafting table
  12. now you can get the brush, the key, and the control in the stone cutter (requires furnicraft clay
  13. ring crafting changed
  14. Fixed an error in the npc
  15. etc..


-Remember that now you can continue subscribing me in the green button above that says [SUBSCRIBE] so you will get a notification every time the addon is updated

-And also remember if the addon does not work for you, try installing the addon every time it is updated, maybe an update will work well for you.

  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. more trophies were added
  5. Now you can only sit in the seats
  6. Now, when placing a piece of furniture, I will turn to see you for a few seconds to go to the address you want.
  7. now the door key can be obtained in survival
  8. a musical battery was added
  9. a microphone was added
  10. a tent was added
  11. several models were changed
  12. the clay was corrected (now it shows well in the hand)
  13. etc..
  1. Fixed a bug in downloads
  2. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  3. some textures were changed
  4. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  5. added more trophies
  6. Now you can only sit in the seats
  7. Now when placing a piece of furniture I will turn to see you to go to the address you want
  8. 2 colored doors were added that you can open and close with the key
  9. a key for the doors was added
  10. a traffic cone was added
  11. a work signal in progress was added
  12. a colored chair was added
  13. a school chair was added
  14. a desk was added
  15. a church bench was added
  16. a guitar was added
  17. a new simple piano was added
  18. a hydrant was added
  19. a rack for billiard balls was added
  20. the park bench model was changed
  21. the rotator was removed
  22. etc..
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. added more trophies
  5. Now you can only sit in the seats
  6. Now when placing a piece of furniture I will turn to see you to go to the address you want
  7. 2 colored doors were added that you can open and close with the key
  8. a key for the doors was added
  9. a traffic cone was added
  10. a work signal in progress was added
  11. a colored chair was added
  12. a school chair was added
  13. a desk was added
  14. a church bench was added
  15. a guitar was added
  16. a new simple piano was added
  17. a hydrant was added
  18. a rack for billiard balls was added
  19. the park bench model was changed
  20. the rotator was removed
  21. etc..
  1. Now compatible with more devices
  2. some textures were changed
  3. some models were changed
  4. Rose Gold Armor Added
  5. Rose Gold Tools Added
  6. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  7. etc..
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. added more trophies
  5. Now you can only sit in the seats
  6. an error was eliminated that made you can't put your baby in the crib
  7. an error was eliminated that made you cannot change the color or material to the furniture}
  8. the bulb was added and with "the brush" you can turn it on and off
  9. several items are added
  10. an interface was added in the pause menu to know how to use the addon
  11. now the blocks added by the addon can be cracked
  12. country standards were added
  13. country flags were added
  14. Soon all the flags are added and the flags of countries for now only add 8
  15. etc..
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. the gamer pc model was changed
  5. cpu model changed
  6. RGB was added to various furniture
  7. now the gamer chair can recline
  8. added more trophies
  9. Now you can only sit in the seats
  10. Now you can only rotate the furniture with the "furniture creator" and once placed you can not rotate them
  11. the "furniture maker" and a new system to rotate furniture and place furniture in survival was added
  12. an error was eliminated that made you can't put your baby in the crib
  13. an error was eliminated that made you cannot change the color or material to the furniture}
  14. Now the fridge has animation on the door and an improved 3D model (shift + click)
  15. the bulb was added and with "the brush" you can turn it on and off
  16. several items are added
  17. Now some things like the fan, piano, mirror, etc, have animation by giving shift + click
  18. etc..
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  4. 70 new npc of female added
  5. 70 new npc of male added
  6. 70 new npc of boys added
  7. 70 new npc of girls added
  8. crib added
  9. a mirror was added
  10. Now some things like the fan, piano, mirror have animation by giving shift + click
  11. etc..
  1. Fixed some bugs from the previous update
  2. some textures were changed
  3. textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices

full version changes v11.1

  1. several errors were corrected
  2. compatible with more devices
  3. Rotator was added to rotate furniture
  4. now the coffins can be placed in several positions
  5. Now the furniture is not rotated by being on top of them. you will have to occupy the rotator
  6. ALL items of furniture were changed
  7. park bench model changed
  8. the house for the dog was added
  9. now the slide can change color
  10. now the swing can change color
  11. now the jumper can change color
  12. the swing model was changed
  13. textures were reduced by 50% for compatibility with more devices
  14. computer monitor added
  15. computer CPU added
  16. keyboard and mouse added
  17. now the gamer pc can change the screens
  18. more trophies were added
  19. wooden furniture was added
  20. the armchair was added for the corners
  21. colored balloons were added
  22. now the piano has a bench where to sit
  23. Now the satanic ritual has the candles burning
  24. a sword buried in the ground was added
  25. wall shelf added
  26. several textures were corrected
  1. several errors were corrected
  2. compatible with more devices
  3. Rotator was added to rotate furniture
  4. now the coffins can be placed in several positions
  5. Now the furniture is not rotated by being on top of them. you will have to occupy the rotator
  6. ALL items of furniture were changed
  7. park bench model changed
  8. the house for the dog was added
  9. now the slide can change color
  10. now the swing can change color
  11. now the jumper can change color
  12. the swing model was changed
  13. textures were reduced by 50% for compatibility with more devices
  14. computer monitor added
  15. computer CPU added
  16. keyboard and mouse added
  17. now the gamer pc can change the screens
  18. more trophies were added
  19. wooden furniture was added
  20. the armchair was added for the corners
  21. colored balloons were added
  22. now the piano has a bench where to sit
  23. Now the satanic ritual has the candles burning
  24. a sword buried in the ground was added
  25. wall shelf added
  26. several textures were corrected
  1. Now compatible with more devices
  2. bugs fixed
  3. Now you can get the furniture with the stone cutter
  4. the open grave was added
  5. the closed grave was added
  6. the gallows were added
  7. guillotine was added
  8. the bathtub model was changed
  9. large watering can was added
  10. steve's grave was added
  11. the tomb of the villagers was added
  12. security camera was added
  13. now you can change the furniture designs with the brush
  14. Now all the furniture will release a clay that with the stone cutter you will be able to get the furniture again
  15. now the security camera and the fan has animations
  16. now gifts can give you random things
  17. remote control and brush added (to change the appearance of furniture)
  18. new model for the normal tomb and cross tomb
  19. NPC and NPC baby added
  20. The chimney model was changed
  21. the model of water sources was changed
  22. try giving a cake to the creator's NPC
  1. Compatible with more devices android,ios,windows,xbox.
  2. some furniture models were changed
  3. some textures were changed to work on more devices
  4. the barrel with apples was added
  5. a support with paints was added
  6. the park benches are now of more materials (16 materials)
  7. a functional bridge was added (replaces the heads)
  8. a white fence was added (replaces the heads)
  9. added modern stairs (replaces the heads)
  10. changed the model of the beds (3d beds)
  11. the single chair was added (16 colors)
  12. the furnicraft clay was added
  13. now with the furnicraft clay you can get the furniture in survival
  14. you can get the furniture in the stone cutter using the furnicraft clay
  15. Support in Russian language
  1. a version with the Russian language was created
  2. compatible with more devices
  3. some textures and models were changed
  4. some errors were corrected that made creasheara
  5. etc..
  1. Compatible with more devices
  2. Russian language added
  3. some textures were corrected
  4. an error that crashed when putting a piano was corrected
  5. the texture of the pc was corrected
  6. etc...

  1.compatible with more devices furniture was added

  3.microwave oven


  5.cookie jar

  6.meat dishes



  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Apply the packs for a world
  4. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  5. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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1,059 Responses

3.24 / 5 (528 votes)
  1. Guest-9527282407 says:

    Please update the custom blocks for 1.16.63

    • Guest-4067625154 says:

      It is cool. I like it. But the problem that im having is the glitch or bug where i can’t open the menu. If i open the menu i will not able to open inventory, break/place blocks, interact, and i can’t exit. I like it but please fix it.

  2. Guest-5441084289 says:


  3. .EXE Beyto says:

    Dude it crashes when I try to open the game menu.How can I fix it?

  4. Guest-5170331999 says:

    Does this work on realms yet? And if no is there any plan to let it work on realms?

  5. Guest-9931314532 says:

    The addon is almost perfect with crashing fixed but the lag makes it unplayable. Please fix, we really appreciate you trying to make it compatible!

  6. Guest-2341400309 says:

    Hey I want to download it but it costs money

  7. Guest-8766805467 says:

    Please give a guide book!!

    There is no ROTADOR, I can’t have baby’s

    Please fix this!!

  8. Guest-3925083133 says:

    This is AMAZING!!!!

    But why can’t you marry the villagers/people?

  9. Guest-9366410841 says:

    Everything But The “Marriage And Baby’s” Work, Please Fix This!

  10. Guest-2795714275 says:

    im happy that there was an update every thing is good but i have a problem it is that i cant craft the ring i could trade to the baby but could not craft the ring no one could and i read how to do it over and over it could be my computer but i dont think so but besides that its a good mod i rate for stars

  11. Guest-1050967444 says:

    I tried crafting the fabricator in my world, but it wouldn’t show up. I even placed the dyes and clay in the correct order. Could someone let me know if I have it on the wrong setting or something! Thanks.

    Btw, the world was previously set on Experimental Game play

    • Guest-2301217352 says:

      its saying render controller not found?

      • Guest-2944046125 says:

        My apologies for getting back so late. But yes, when I would go to craft the fabricar from the crafting table, nothing appears. My world is set in experimental gameplay, I was wondering if there was a different setting?

  12. Guest-2980906626 says:

    The link is terrible. Fix it 😠

  13. MagmaFang23 says:

    The rose gold armor and weapons look like bronze, so it is perfect for my Minecraft world. The furniture is awesome and I will rate it a five.

  14. Guest-5070267078 says:

    Is there a website where you can add your own addons if so plz leave a comment

  15. Guest-6111661207 says:

    Linkvertise provide you the hardest way to download things. You need to pay for the premium, otherwise you waste 5 minutes of your time to download 1 file…

  16. Guest-5528298009 says:

    Was able to successfully install it, but only received the table, bridge, and fence. Is there a particular setting I have to have it on?

  17. -TGHQ- says:

    How do I believe my baby? .-. Like, what is that actually supposed to mean?

  18. Guest-4190018576 says:

    can you tell me what happens when you click allow to continue on ad fly

  19. Guest-5429133493 says:

    A very good addon but it need to be updated for de 1.16 beta version of the game beacause when you press the pause button the game crash ! And can you add old TVs (the big cube TVs with a little screen ) please ?

  20. Guest-6759249338 says:

    An extension chrome? What? I dont want install it, I dont want spyware in my pc. Sorry, really, this link file $hare is gona very abusive and dangerous.

  21. Guest-6124403812 says:

    how do you get a crib

    • Guest-3348130129 says:


  22. Guest-8710603788 says:

    add chrome extension to download this file? noway! this link file $hare is gona abusive

  23. Guest-4568018847 says:

    1.16 Pls? =)

  24. Guest-8342181706 says:

    El mejor complemento de decoración que he visto me encanta sigue así, me gustaría que se pudiera poner adornos encima de otros adornos si lo pudieras fuera increíble, te tengo ideas como una ligera de y y de 22 puestos la verdad que si la usaría mucho y otros armarios con diferentes estilos no quedarían mal te felicito

  25. Guest-6618789877 says:

    I liked it

  26. Guest-7095505389 says:

    Add 1.16 beta pls

  27. Guest-8936934154 says:


  28. Guest-6776069094 says:

    My anti-virus hates the links. Dodgy.

  29. Just downloaded it on a Windows 10 laptop, the Links worked,
    and I was able to get the mod installed following the instructions.
    Has to have ‘experimental mode’ clicked in order for it to work, so while it worked fine for making the furniture, I actually play on a realm….There is no experimental mode on a Realm, so it wont work….

    PLEASE Develop for use on a Realm!!

    I’d be willing to pay for the mod if it would work in regular mode and could be used on a Realm.

  30. Guest-3942698662 says:

    Why is the Refridgerator rideable

  31. Guest-3110555863 says:

    I can’t download it but I will not complain, this looks really cool and I believe you worked hard on it! 👍

  32. Guest-2208408067 says:

    I want to start developing mods but i dont know where to start so if someone could help me and tell which app or software do you ,i would appreciate it alot

  33. Guest-3249237699 says:

    you’re gonna make me install an add-on and do a bunch of scummy stuff just to download this? nah. i’ll just download it on a third party site. congratulations on losing revenue

    i don’t mind looking at articles but installing an add-on from that scam site will never happen. Adfly also does not work unless I allow scummy add-ons, spyware and malware so it’s not gonna happen.

  34. Guest-2519233629 says:

    So basically you are saying that if someone reviews your addon and forgets to give you the link, then you will attack their channel?

    Seriously? Grow up.

  35. Guest-8554931046 says:

    the replacement of shulker boxes and some heads its rly annoying, please fix that…. and i have the resource pack and behavior pack on


  36. Guest-8277838206 says:

    Such a good add-on!
    It helps with my roleplays!!

  37. Guest-3003251149 says:

    how do we install this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Guest-8807871860 says:

    hi how do I download this

  39. Guest-8553477553 says:



  40. Guest-4222559223 says:

    Hay para la 1.14.30

  41. Guest-2535480607 says:

    I’m not sure how to rotate the furniture

  42. Guest-7749916981 says:

    the furniture is a shulker this is so frustrate its move everywhere you should fix this you have a lot of furniture but it’s so bad😑😡😵

  43. Guest-5915320029 says:

    does anyone know how to use the light bulb because it’s always off

    • Guest-9013456807 says:

      To make the light emit light, you have to type /function foco_on. After executing the command, a light should appear on the floor.

  44. Guest-1133697528 says:

    please add more furnitures in future updates 🙂
    BTW I really love ur work keep it up!

    • Guest-2924906942 says:

      PLS MAKE THE FURNITURE BLOCKS PLSSSSSS 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠in the next update the furniture will be blocks because when i get a furniture a hold it in my hand it will crash the world why do you to copy the entity to the spawn eggs it will my world pls in the next update will be blocks okay such a child

  45. Guest-6898416290 says:

    how does ceiling fan work do noet now

  46. Tomster2468 says:

    This is really good. Keep up the good work.

  47. Guest-9945848609 says:

    you guys just have to go to the russian page then translate it into eng so u guys csn understand then
    look for the download button thats it

  48. Guest-9846410505 says:

    Theres No Rotador At All, Even When I Use Give @s

  49. Guest-8684394340 says:

    furniture moves like if they were a animal, also remove the satanic ritual.

    • Guest-5639889115 says:

      This addon is the worst when i get the furniture it will crash all i see is invisible mobs and no ui

  50. Guest-6192570800 says:


  51. Guest-6868313179 says:

    PLZ they are alot of stuf that we cant use it

  52. Guest-9289458013 says:


  53. Guest-9499203581 says:

    There is no rotator item when I had the call and I was crafting. It wasn’t even in the pack itself. Please fix this.

  54. Guest-2544886129 says:

    Can you please make a version for realms

  55. Guest-7843912733 says:

    Anyone know how to get this to work on realms

  56. Guest-1220935392 says:

    When I use it with other mod. There is something wrong with the recipes. I can make other mod’s spawn eggs by the clay for furniture. But many furniture I can’t make.

    • Guest-6189371407 says:

      I’ve tried to use this add-on so many times, but each time I try, it always crashes before the world even loads

  57. Guest-8222120590 says:

    Can you pls help with the table because whenever I put it on in went somewhere else.other than that it’s amazing

  58. Guest-7548356086 says:

    the doawnload is very dangerous dont use it

  59. BlockMasterKid says:

    well i just found the satanic ritual in the addon lol

  60. Guest-6609936751 says:

    boi it’s great

  61. Guest-4489326313 says:

    Where is the door key

  62. Guest-7077997060 says:

    It’s so much fun I love this app

  63. Guest-9786284666 says:

    Wow I love it awesomeness

  64. Guest-7119265067 says:

    Okay so I have the addon on my android and my computer but they both seem to have different things. On my android the spawn eggs for the NPCs are different than the spawn eggs for the NPCs on my computer. My computer has girl and boy spawn eggs while the android just has NPCs (adult and baby versions). For the furniture, everything is the same but the stuff that you said was new wasn’t on either of my devices so i’m very confused. Another thing, on my android I can get the rotator tool and the brush tool but I can’t get it on my computer. The thing that both of them have in common is that the recipes for the ring, the rose gold stuff, and the clay don’t work. This addon could be better if these things got fixed.

  65. BlockMasterKid says:

    How do I open the doors in the world you made

  66. Guest-5651807804 says:

    This is an amazing addon for my xbox 10 / 10 Love the paintings

  67. Guest-4202168869 says:


  68. Monster gaming says:

    When you hold some furniture Spawn egg your game will crash and your hud will gone (Android) please fix this for Android users this add-on are amazing

  69. Guest-3292483307 says:

    There is a big problem.

    I cannot hold the furniture in my hand. I want to use shulker boxes too for some things, but you guys replaced the items completely. I want it rotated, and most of it has to be summoned. So that blocks the ability to place it where I want.

  70. Guest-2663574310 says:

    Game crashes on IOS, please fix issue within the packs

  71. Guest-2638210390 says:

    How to rotate

  72. Guest-1400860701 says:

    Hey I have the addon on my windows 10 version of minecraft. I can’t get any of the tools and some of the things mentioned in the update are missing. I think I may need to update the mod but idk if how or if it just updates by itself or whatever. Can anyone help me??

  73. Guest-9608703050 says:

    I combine the texture pack and shader, when I use this addon, the blocks are like stripes. maybe this is a bug

  74. Guest-8547220613 says:

    My phone is Android 5.1.1 series. When I installed this addon, the item’s texture pack failed, so I couldn’t use it. Looking forward to fixing

  75. Gaming Boss says:

    Fix The resource pack links!

  76. Guest-9144464138 says:


  77. Guest-1373454279 says:


  78. idklol says:

    I CANT EVEN INSTALL THIS. (Trust me I’ve been trying but it just tries to make me buy stuff or something!) I tried all of the links Robert gave us but none of them worked, one of them brought me to Roblox! And “” is basically a place just for ad’s like literally the name says it all. If I could install this and play a game with it I’m sure I’d like it very much! But I can’t even install it. If you update this Robert, please put a different link to install it, I really want to install this but since the installer is I can’t. Thank you! And sorry to everyone else that is having trouble with this!

  79. idklol says:

    Why adfly

    • Guest-8072850998 says:

      Remember this. It took me a while to figure it out and I also kept raging and trying to figure out a way around adfly. However, now that I do know, I can help you. The download link will possibly bring you to a page saying your are leaving There is a blue link at the bottom saying continue. Click that! It will bring you to adfly. However, that pages tab at the top of the screen will say that is is the link you wanted. It may get a little tricky at first. When you get to the adfly, it may ask you to allow notifications. I very much suggest to say no. Knowing this site, saying yes will make ads worse and more annoying. You did say adfly is obviously a site for all ads only. Anyways, like I said, click no to that question. Then, at the top right there will be a 5-second count down. Wait until the count down is over and then it will say to skip ad. Click on that and it will bring you to a page askying you to click on allow. Don’t worry about that so much and just click on allow. Honestly, for me it wouldn’t let me in when I clicked “don’t allow”. Anyways, click allow and it will bring you to a new page that says it is redirecting. Let that site finish redirecting because when it is done, you will be at the actual download page. A lot of work I know. Also, sometime some of the pages you left will still be there but changing to a different site. Make sure to get rid of the tab if it is still there after you were brought to a new tab. Anyways, sorry if it was too much to explain, but I hope it helped. And if you want, copy this entire paragraph in case you see someone else complaining about adfly.

  80. Guest-9952412595 says:

    This is the best mod ever!!!! I love it so much and it helps with my zoo and city!! Please make more like this!!❤❤❤

  81. Guest-7387866306 says:

    Don’t use adlfy!

  82. Guest-5147060973 says:

    i only got like ten items… doesnt work

  83. Guest-7865106672 says:

    When I bought furnicraft it didn’t work and then I got on minecraft I seen furniture I really like it!!!!!

  84. Guest-3357184647 says:

    When I bought furnicraft it didn’t work and then I got on minecraft I seen furniture I really like it!!!!!

  85. Guest-7884136447 says:

    pls help me my thing are not here

  86. User-2850520762 says:

    Please use mediafire it my antivirus blocks adfly so I can’t download this awesome mod D:!

  87. User-3414276693 says:

    Can you fix it please
    when I put an object in my hand everything becomes invisible …

    I would appreciate if you create the decorations on the one hand and the family on the other, thanks.

  88. User-3414276693 says:

    Can you fix it please
    when I put an object in my hand everything becomes invisible …

    I would appreciate if you create the decorations on the one hand and the family on the other, thanks.

  89. User-3700407459 says:

    Cada vez que agarro un mueble o lo que sea todo se vuelve invisible arreglen esto o almenos que puedo hacer

  90. User-2931843734 says:

    Podrías hacer una versión recortada del mod? Donde solo sea decoración? No me interesa cambiar los Aldeados

  91. User-8088334620 says:

    Yo baje el mod y me funciona bien excepto que no puedo casarme o tener hijos con los aldeanos porque no hay oro rosa

  92. Theywannabefamous says:

    I can’t get it to work idk how to download it😢

  93. User-6535460625 says:

    Wow it every furniture I ever wanted

  94. User-8445703252 says:

    This stupid ad called adfly wont let me download D:

  95. User-7080066489 says:

    It keeps saying can’t import file, check output. Can someone help?

  96. User-1734050417 says:

    can you add guns?

  97. User-7795801908 says:


  98. User-1141944542 says:


  99. User-5364688150 says:

    Can you please remove the ads and put it in a safe direct link without ads? it would be very nice

  100. Anonymous says:

    can you use something other than ad fly

  101. Anonymous says:

    Does this work with PS4?

  102. Jheovanny says:

    The rotator item is not functional

  103. Hhdkdkd says:

    Me gustaría que se interactuar con todos los mods y q aumentarán un poco más de cosas como una impresora , un WiFi y que la laptop fuera de colores no de un solo color además q las demás cosas también fuesen de diferentes colores.

  104. Quentin says:

    Tout est super mais un seul problème. Je n’arrive pas à crafter les objets ajouter en mode survie ! Quelqu’un peut m’aider svp ?

  105. Megan says:

    I want the furniture mod but it doesn’t work… can
    you help me please?…

  106. CrystalViolin says:

    Will there be an option to marry male villagers in the future? I don’t have to have a baby though trust me

  107. Cenez says:

    El addon presenta un error en las aldeas, los aldeanos se reproducen masivamente y su comportamiento es extraño, se separan de las Aldeas y apenas estas cerca de otro aldeano se reproducen de la nada

  108. Anonymous says:

    The rotator doesn’t work

  109. Anonymous says:

    My game crashes anyway I can’t even get a mod 🙁 here just take my stars

  110. Anonymous says:

    Muy buen complemento pero como roto los pvtos muebles XD a parte de eso tod bien espero agregues más muebles.

  111. Amanda says:

    I installed the mod but there are only a few items added. How do I get them all to show up in inventory?

  112. Mainthedevil says:

    i cant get the roteate tool to work on windows 10

  113. The first links work very well, add-on is great.
    Also, @Creator stop putting all those ads. Why is it a problem if you don’t get money??? Stop craving for money just put the direct mediafire link and everyone will be pleased

    • GhostlyLazy says:

      he worked hard to make this addon, so it just makes sense that he would get money out of it. I dont think he would like to work for free

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey bro, why don’t you create good mods investing months of work and then give your work for free to everyone? Everyone will be pleased 😀

    • User-7300341748 says:

      How bout you spend 156 hours of work into a mod and put no adds in it.

  114. BonnieEXE says:

    I just realised that when I download both resouce packs and behavior packs, the optional one, that is, and once I exited out of the two corresponding links, the site shows… Fap CEO??

  115. Asuno says:

    Please clear the satanic ritual

    • BonnieEXE says:

      Nah, fam!!

    • o BLACK W0LF o says:

      People like you think it’s cool to teach kids the mental delision that women can be men and men can be women if they just “pretend” at it hard enough… But then you throw a fit when a religious belief is expressed. I swear to God leftists are the new neo Nazis of the modern era. Just more crazy. You’re all like “Do what we want you to do! Or we will cry and complain and accuse you of being a racist, xenophobic, bigot! ” (Someone mentions Jesus or Satan) ” I’M OFFENDED BY YOUR PRETEND, MAKE BELIEVE HUMAN FROM AN OLD BOOK! I’M GOING TO COMPLAIN TO MY BOSS, WHO WAS BORN A MAN BUT THINKS HE IS A WOMAN! How dare you mention something as crazy as religion in my presence! ”

      Dude… If you don’t like the ” ritual”… Don’t use it. Keep your complaints about it to yourself

  116. Anti-Ads says:

    Great mod but remove the malicious Ads

  117. arruk1 says:

    bro all four of the links dont work what do i do now?

  118. Marc says:

    How to download I can’t fing the link


    This add-on is terrible! It wouldn’t download when i tried multiple times. It would always bring me to adfly and i would have to click “Allow” for notifications. I didn’t want to because i didn’t want to get a virus! But the next day i tried again to download, and it didnt work. When i finally decided that i wanted to click “Allow” to download the add-on, my PC got a VIRUS!! And another thing, the add-on didn’t even work! I would always get notifications for random stuff and dating websites after i clicked ” Allow” on adfly! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU WANT TO GET UNAPPROPRIATE NOTIFICATIONS AND A VIRUS!!!

  120. David perry says:

    I love the furniture but none of the NPC women want to have a baby but is doesn’t let me make the ring so I can’t have kids

  121. Sauce says:

    I Can’t use the Rotate tool in 1.14? How to use it?

  122. jesustropro says:

    could you make it work in an already created world please I love your complement

  123. Kiki_ says:

    I love this addon so much, i love the furniture, the updates, the fact that you can have kids, but i have two questions, like :
    Can i have a baby with a guy, without having to get it from a female, i know that that kinda is because females are pregnant but men can’t, but maybe there would be a text, like “you are pregnant with a boy/girl” or something.
    2nd question is can you make the babies age slower? Because they become adults fast. I love your addon so much, it made it so much fun for everyone, thank you.

  124. Gg says:

    Unknown pack ID error?

  125. Anonymous says:

    It won’t work for me whenever I try to download it nothing appears or I get the old version please help

  126. uhhhhh says:

    So I tried this on a brand new world. The furnitures work fine, but for the villagers, the baby trade doesn’t pop up. It just stays on the master level.



  128. r says:

    Why does this not work in kingdoms?

  129. OFFER says:


  130. bendy003 says:


  131. Ayla says:

    Can someone fill me in on the compatibility of this add-on? Most of the comments are a mess, and I can’t seem to find any information in the post itself. Does this work multiplayer, or can I only use it on my own? Does it work on Xbox?

  132. Anonymous says:


  133. SlimeGamerBR says:

    Cool addon!

  134. Anonymous says:

    Does it serve in Minecraft Realm?

  135. Yazuko gaming says:

    The resource pack was installed in minecraft but the behavior pack wasn’t it said its a duplicate pack…….
    I tried to move the behavior pack in the files of behavior pack but it didn’t show up when I was about to add the addon but the others work
    Pls fix this and ill give you a 5 star rate!

  136. Elon Musk says:

    downloading all links is impossible for me and other individuals who have adguard. Can you please make a direct link for us?

  137. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a version where they’re all just entities so we can use this mod on realms?

  138. Anonymous says:

    I very much want to use this Addon in a map that I am creating, but recently it crashes my game. I am updated to the latest version of minecraft. I’ll give credit to your addon of course, but if you can make a version of this beautiful addon with only the furniture in it and take off the textures for the mob skulls [since I have a gold stack texture for them that doesn’t work alongside this addon because of those textures] then I’d be very grateful. Because I believe it might be all the human mobs and other new things that were added that is causing the client crashing.

  139. Ashley medenilla says:

    i only got some of them and its not even furniture its just stupid bridge and staircase please hiw do i get the rest btw my mcpe is the newest update idk what to do😅

  140. person says:

    The mob heads are re-textured. can you make the diffrent plz? (Mainly wither skeleton skull)

  141. Jorge_648 says:

    ¿porque no puedo poner los objetos? /./ Why can’t I put the objects?

  142. Anonymous says:

    Ojala pudiera usarlo pero cuando lo activo en mi minecraft las texturas estan mal o ni funciona
    Como puedo hacer para que funcione?

  143. Noname says:

    Can you add multiplayer support ?

  144. Amy says:

    I wish I could use it I downloaded it and the file I sent just too big for my mcpe

  145. Danielle Seltzer says:

    Is it possible to tame the chest pets

  146. 360MINERSTONE says:

    Put the ring in creative mode please, or the rose gold ingots.

  147. DAN full says:

    In this photo is 69
    FBI open up!!!!!!!!

  148. Michelle says:

    CAN I GET THE RING IN CREATIVE, Minecraft pocket edition

    • Mary says:

      Nope you can’t, however it’s very easy to just decraft the block and then craft it, but you have to have experimental gameplay on. I can’t figure out how to have kids tho.

      • Xx09Shadow90xX says:

        How do I get the ore? is it only in survival? BTW I tried EVERYTHING not a single thing TwT :c (Love to give it a five but how can I use the ‘Ring’ and the thing for the have a baby is not there… Is there a specific villager I need to try it on?)

  149. Mirage says:

    Can you craft the furniture creator
    And if so what’s the recipe

  150. Ismacraft says:

    In my opinion the addon is great! I would love to and would like them to add that the security cameras were the same as the Security craft mod! And no, I do not mean the aspect … I mean the functionality of having a monitor and put cameras throughout your home and from a place on the monitor change cameras at all times and monitor! If you don’t know what the security craft mod is, use it or watch a video of the cameras of that mod!

  151. Jacob says:

    One of the glitchiest messes I’ve ever used. It takes so long to place a piece of furniture that isn’t crooked or clipping into the wall, or inside another piece of furniture, that the game will be too old to play on the newest operating system before you’ve managed to set up even one table.


  152. VenomFighteG says:

    XD idk how to install it XD

  153. Annoyed Player says:

    Some problems I have with this (at least in 1.13.1). 1: Some textures are broken. Not for the furniture but for other stuff. The default heads and shulker boxes are ALL completely broken. Fix please. 2: Some things don’t place (maybe just in survival). For example I couldn’t place the upside down sword after i crafted it. Quite big problems, so i’d appreciate some fixes soon.

  154. What Is this says:

    App crashes as soon as I open it. Thank so much 🙄

  155. NoName says:

    I downloaded the packs but i can’t see them in my behavior or resource packs in minecraft

    • Bitch says:

      you cannot put the objects in the ground, they are different from the creativo ones, some are in yellow, and you can place them, and some in white that are those that can be created but you can’t place them, fix.

  156. Anonymous says:

    This used to be a really cool addon, but I think you overdid it. It doesn’t work on any of my devices that have minecraft on them. It crashes when I try to open the world.

  157. Vitor Dos Games says:

    Is not working Fix! This mod sucks

  158. Izzy says:

    It didnt work the clay mixture didnt work I’m on ipad does that affect it?

  159. Lol says:

    How to download it

  160. Why!!! says:

    So I got the mod put on experimental mode but I play for like ten seconds and the whole Minecraft app turns off also I’m on iPhone is that it

  161. donpeugot says:

    Great addon but I’d like to remove it from one of my worlds.

    If I remove it, some parts still stay in the game though: Example, killing creepers still creates the “Creeper Gravestone”, only that is it invisible.

    How to fully, properly uninstall this mod?

  162. I love fnaf says:

    It’s not working

  163. Dsimphocrack says:

    Hola,no se si solo me pasa a mi pero cuando intento poner el bebe en la cuna no me deja siempre quito el mueble ni la brocha la puedo utilizar,creo que deberia solucionar ese error.

  164. BOY says:

    The clay recipe doesn’t work

    • Becca Plays says:

      You have to turn on experimental game play when creating the world. I had a issue with getting the clay when this was turned off. When I turned it on for the world I created it made a copy of that world but in experimental mode so now I have two copies of the same world. I hope this helps!

  165. Mae says:

    Could someone explain how to use the rotator or brush tool? Whenever I use it, I kill the furniture. I’m a but confused. Lovely mod btw.

    • Mae says:

      Like, I can use the rotator for like the chairs because when it sit on them it works. But what about the refrigerator and stuff? I can’t sit on those so idk what to do

    • Meme man says:

      Oye puedes hacer que el personaje se agache y haya una opicion de que te siga

  166. JuniorDaFox1000 says:

    cool but could you make the mirrors like the java one pls?

  167. Chxr¥an says:

    It works 👍👍

  168. vitor says:

    bem….nao consegui baixar muito menos testar pra ve se é bom mas nao da pra baixar ja segui todos os passos

  169. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls fix it still quits me off I’ve bean downloading every update since first one

  170. keith scanlon says:

    CANT DOWNLOAD IT! This addon looks incredible but i can’t download. 🙁

  171. Why This says:

    This add-on is good but I can’t change the color, can you please give us like a change tool

  172. weaboo says:

    This addon crashes my minecraft. I’ve tried downloading this on the Addons app, crashes. I’m trying here, still crashes. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

  173. Cookieloverplays says:

    It won’t let me download it 🙁

  174. Bisma says:

    Im do not work

  175. RedLukeDominator says:

    The recipe for clay doesn’t work can you fix it

    • Midnight is Lesbian says:

      Do you have experimental gameplay on? Also make sure you have the global pack texture pack, and behavior packs on

  176. Mike says:

    So this seems to have imported correctly, but many of the items I don’t see in my creative “all” menu. Beach chairs for example don’t display in the menu, but if I search for “chair”, they are available. Why do they not show in the “all” menu of creative materials?

  177. Sam says:

    The resource pack is not showing up on my xbox,even though it’s installed?. How do I fix this?

    • John Lonestone says:

      Fam are u dumb? look on installation guide this addon only works for Android iOS and Windows 10 can you really not read?

      • Chill, dude says:

        Wooooah dude chill they’re asking a simple question, pls just direct them to that page and not scold them for making a mistake sheesh

  178. Breanna says:

    This mod stucks because you cant craft any thing.

    • Don’t hate on this add on it’s great says:

      Uh ya u can I think you have to use the give command to get the clay, then use a stonecutter and you can get everything, please don’t hate on an add on because it isn’t flawless 🙁


    Umm excuse me i dont think i can download this cuz it said u are sponsoring harmful ads so o rather not

  180. I am a train fan says:

    Can you maybe add a model train table nothing to fancy

  181. KittenGames says:

    Good mod, but when I tried to download it, it said “failed to import, duplicate pack detected”, when the only furniture mod I have installed is mine furniture, are they not compatible or something?

  182. Anonymous says:

    Bro can you update the dragoncraft add-on, everything is invisible and it sucks rn

  183. Johann says:

    Didnt work for LG K9

  184. Anonymous says:

    Ayuda, no puedo hacer la arcilla

  185. Mom says:

    Why the satanic ritual? Won’t be playing this anymore. Too bad.

  186. Yeeter45 says:

    Make the lamps to turn on

  187. Pablo says:

    I love this addon, and it works great, but here are some more things u could change/add:

    1. Make the lamp actually light up when it gets too dark, or manually turn it on or off

    2. This is something from a suckier furniture addon, could u add cribs and a ‘magic diaper’ to turn u into a baby

    3. Cars/trucks

    4. Glass/sliding doors

    5. Laying down on the beach chairs

    6. Turn the ender dragon head into something like a little box or a tv or something

  188. Haru says:

    After a while the furniture just despawns

  189. Add This says:

    Pls add toys

  190. christopher Pennington says:

    I cant craft that clay in 1.13

  191. SAVAGEPLAYA says:

    To all those who hate adfly please reply I


    If you place a tree trunk down, and then a small coffee table on the top of the tree trunk, it kinda looks like a wooden trash can from a park!

  193. Jamar says:

    Fuck you with 300 adify reported this page

  194. DJaketechgaming says:


  195. Blastdasky says:

    I love the add-on! I think you did amazing! 10-10 I added this on my Xbox one, and I made my own custom house!! I love it so much.

  196. E says:

    Looks good but it crashes when I put it in a world

  197. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I really like this addon, but the only problem is that it lags, due to the resources pack’s great amount of 23mb. For a mcpe texture pack that’s a lot, and for my 2gb tablet that’s a lot of lag, so could you please maybe try to decrease the amount of storage in the texture pack, or maybe make the resolutions of the furniture less or the same amount. It would be greatly appreciated. But other than that I really like this addon and I appreciate your work. Nice Job

    • AwesomeMonkeyMan says:

      This is the person that sent the message above. The reason why I was lagging since because I was running low on storage. The only problem is that it takes a good 5min to get into a world, also if I place too much furniture it will start to lag.

  198. human says:

    can we not have 300 ad flys and just get a donate page oml

  199. Thanos2Doggo says:

    For the rotating you should make it by doing /function rotate which will make it face straight at you, another has this rotating system, very recommend since I keep accidentally rotating it a lot!

  200. Chenel Mackley says:

    For some reason, i couldn’t have more than a few fences, the bridge and stairs. That was all I had added into the game. If there’s something IM doing wrong, please help

  201. N/A says:

    Why won’t it work for the education edition?

  202. Brandon Bokhorst says:

    Amazing. 10/10.

  203. i like this mod but… I HAVE AN IDEA! make a mod that allows wireless redstone and redtone going up da walls. i saw one of those but it was for PE only. oh and it was like 5 years old

  204. Blaze Power says:

    Plese fix the resource pack because when i active the texture the game crashes! Please pls pls fix this

  205. Anonymous says:

    ok love this addon but I’m getting rid of it because someone said a hacker knows where they live and that is creepy and you didn’t have to add the santanic thingy mejeg 🙁

  206. Cosmic Potato says:

    I love the furniture, but i have some issues. firstly some furniture is almost always crooked when you place it down. secondly, the furniture that has something random on it like a picture frame is annoying because when i try to remove it, you have to kill it and sometimes it teleports into a random spot

  207. PissedOffPerson says:

    I cant download it because it says press allow to continue. But im xbox. So how I do it!?

  208. annabelle says:

    says i have a hacker tracking me great this is a pointless addon now someone knows where i live i’m so scared

  209. bruh says:

    I can’t make the clay and I can’t download the “decorations” part because you didnt use AdFld and that website used doesn’t let me continue to the downloads

  210. Brian says:

    Hey i love it so far! My only complaint is that some items you see in the stoncutter but no creative menu, and others you see in creative menu but not stonecutter

  211. CHANGE TO AD.FLY says:

    looks cool but download process is stupid, why should I download a random chrome app to get an addon?? srsly change it to man. or just use mediafire.

  212. Mine says:

    Uhmm can you fix the bug that when you press resource pack it will crash can you fix mine

  213. love it! Hey. Why not make a security cam tablet or something. Wait i think im thinking of MrCrayfish mods oops

  214. EMAIL says:

    make a diff tex pack for low end devices it crashes it’s the tex that crashes not behaviour pack plz fix

  215. Minecraft_roleplayer12345 says:

    Hi Creator I absolutely love this addon. I have some ideas for future updates! Maybe you can make models to look like cloths so if we walk in to them they will automatically be put on are self like the other addon wereables that have the capes! Please reply Robert!

  216. Anonymous says:

    wheres the car in the game

  217. Anonymous says:

    wheres the car

  218. Unspokensnake07 says:

    you can still sit on all furniture chair or not. otherwise its great!

  219. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls fix addon it’s always quiting me off I’ve bean asking to fix it sense it was first uploaded but you never answer me👿

  220. Ez says:

    This looks soo good but it keeps crashing and I’ve been looking for a mod like this for hours

  221. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    new furniture ideas: toilet paper, urnal, minor, science class human skeleton, science class villager skeleton, goldfish tank with goldfish inside, closed pizza box, bar stool, all mob stuffed animals including new recent ones like bees all stuffed animals have different poses, summer sprinklers, life sized snow golem without pumpkin that’s decoration, creepy Halloween mob statues (skeleton and zombie coming out of the grave/ground, a red glowing eyes creeper hissing, ghost creeper, angry enderman, and many more), smoke machine that makes smoke particles, disco ball, coffee and water machine, stacks of papers, mini jack o lanterns (when using the brush you can change its face), scarecrow, doorbell, dog bowl, cat dish, litter box, add a few medieval animatronic like things they won’t attack they will just do cool animations (dragon animatronic breathing fire and roaring, cockatrice animatronic roaring, dwarf animatronic mining, and more), stack of emeralds places, stack of diamonds placed, stack of lapis placed, and stack of iron and gold placed.

  222. Afonsofsy says:

    I did exactly as it says, but I can’t make the clay for the furniture. I made the items necessary. Is it in the workbench or in something else?

  223. Blaze Power says:

    Fix the error that crash minecraft. When i active the addon is not working! Even if i enable experimental gameplay is not working!!!??? PLEASE FIX THIS!

  224. Blaze Power says:

    Its still not working, which starts to be annoying! When i active the addon and enable experimental gameplay and its still not working!? PLEASE FIX THIS!

  225. DJaketechgaming says:

    Guys enable experimental gameplay

  226. Anonymous says:

    work pretty well but still needs a few tweaks

  227. Anonymous says:

    Can someone send a link ????

  228. Allen says:

    It Crashes Pls Fix

  229. doodlepoop says:

    this doesn’t work for xbox

  230. Wutt says:

    My sister got it and I wanted to get it but it doesn’t show up with the download button and I watched the video……..explain

  231. LikeSeriously says:

    Can u make it so you can actually use it instead of sitting on everything

  232. Uhm says:

    There’s no couch like in the screenshots, overall this is great but it’s just the couch…

  233. Anonymous says:

    This add-on crashes my game!😞

  234. SwallowFF says:

    Is it possible to get the clay to put in the stone cutter in survival mode, is it in an ore can you trade for it with a villager

  235. Anonymous says:

    This makes crash my game same thing with decoration add-on 2 😢😢😢

  236. Mark says:

    Make it work for ipads cuz it wont work on my ipad and it would just crash the app

  237. Danielle says:

    how do you make the furniture go straight? it always goes slightly to the left or right when i try to place it straight. is there a strategy or what?

  238. dfdfdfdfrfrfrfrf says:

    I did what it said to do and BAM! I get the furniture but it’s invisible.

    • GrAcE follow meh on tiktok plsss says:


  239. FIX THIS says:


  240. Destruidor says:

    Can you remove the shulker box and the kitchen counter os teleporting

  241. Bryson says:

    My Xbox crashes every time I try to use pistons or barrier blocks

  242. PikaBK88 says:

    Remove Satanic Ritual It Will Make Religious People Upset BTW I’m Almost Atheist

  243. MaysemBB says:

    How the drone works

  244. No says:

    So downloading it was fine but I can’t interact with the items it just lets md rotate and not like open them

  245. Comphurtzone says:

    I like how everyone is so distracted by the missing content that they failed to notice the satanic ritual amongst item listed, something that should be questioned.

    • Wilford Warfstache says:

      i dont like this as you have to kill the furniture to get the thing u want and they act like mobs

    • Creeper says:

      The in case it doesn’t work links lead me to a video and that’s it. I can’t even play the video.It didn’t work for me even with expiremental gameplay. Nothing works. And btw can u make the resource pack use less MegaBytes? It uses a lot and that makes me not able to use it. Please reply. I have been looking for something like this for years. Please respond. I saw my cousin use this and it looks cool so I’m gonna rate it 3.

      From,Creeper (A minecraft veteran)

  246. Creeper says:

    I swear this Robert kids links lead to vpn stuff and phone stealing. It didn’t work for me so I clicked the link and stuff pop up. You are a scammer trying to earn obey and destroy theirs phones. If you are nice, then please fix this.

  247. Creeper says:

    Umm does this work for 1.11.4? I tried loading but it crash.Please fix this and reply to me with a solution. Thank you

  248. Paradox Youtube says:

    Please Make This For Xbox. To Do That Add A Zip File As A Way To Install It.

  249. You says:

    I need the zip, otherwise it won’t work.

  250. Alexander Smuts says:

    Das cool

  251. Anonymous says:

    I tried this on a few different devices, an iPhone 6s, a Kindle Fire HD 8, and a 5th generation iPad. It didn’t work on any of those for some reason.

  252. Anonymous says:

    It still crashes on my Kindle Fire HD 10 for some reason. I followed all the instructions and turned experimental gameplay on and it still doesn’t work.

  253. Azril Abdurrahman says:

    I was quite disappointed with this addon, the problem was when I first used this addon and entered the folder that I had installed with this addon, after loading it for a long time, it suddenly came out by itself (crash). My suggestion, please repair the addon again

  254. Anonymous says:

    Half the items you listed aren’t even in the pack

  255. Adriancraft06 says:

    O got a idea the idea is fix dragon craft

  256. Wondertainment says:

    Hey can you have it compatible with kindle fire? I have that type of device and it crashed my MINECRAFT world

  257. Anonymous says:

    Hey can you add this add-on for Amazon devices? Cause it crashed my MINECRAFT game?

  258. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I have a few suggestions to make this so much better: remove the shadows for any mob in this besides normal mobs like the NPCs. Sometimes the clay doesn’t drop from some of the mobs. Make them immortal to but 2 things /kill and the furnicraft scraper tool. Make hostile and neutral mobs not want to attack them. Add yet 1 more tool the rotator used to rotate them instead of pushing a button to right away cause it’s annoying all you have to do is hold the rotator, sneak, and press and hold to get it on. Make it so some items like the chair you can just sit on and also make the items used to open openable by pressing and holding. To craft the clay all you have to do is put clay in a crafting table surrounded by any dye.

  259. Geonic says:

    Still crashes at my iPhone 5s!!!!
    Can you please do something? Maybe just tell what is compatible because the update said compatible with some devices, I thought it was compatible with iPhone 5s, do now again I wasted my data. 😤

  260. Carly says:

    Ok so it said failed to download because it’s a realm?

  261. Pewdiepie says:

    Awesome mod
    You should try and make pewdiepies chair
    that would be pretty awesome if you did!

  262. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the clay?

  263. Victor Almeida says:

    How I craft furniture clay?? Add the recipe please!!

  264. Sophia G says:

    Its soooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing the only thing is i couldnt find more than half the things but overall love it!

  265. Matt says:

    When I downloaded the behavior a porn ad was on

  266. Samucovst says:

    How can I get the furniture in survival??

  267. ProDragon343 says:

    This Mod Is Amazing!!!!

  268. Anonymous says:

    It failed to download 🙁

  269. Confuzled Human says:

    Great Mod! The furniture is mostly decor, it would be really cool if some were more interactive, (Cool enough already tho.) Also, what are the humans for??

  270. TooCoolForSchool says:

    I had an older version so I had to delete it hopefully it is different🙂

  271. Jdgamerzzz971 says:

    how can i kill or delete the furniture

  272. Fix now says:

    HOW DO YOU DOWNLOAD BEHAVIOR, it says duplicate pack detected but I DO NOT HAVE A BEHAVIOR….. Please fix, I have been waiting for ever for a pack like this, BUT THE. BEHAVIORS DONT WORK….

  273. cristian says:

    plis adding crafting recipes pliss

  274. Ashley says:

    Love it but I really wished the items actually worked, so you can actually jump on the trampoline and you can ride the swings and stuff. Maybe replace the slime blocks as swings? Other then that, love it!

  275. Anonymous says:

    It wont work for a pre created world can you fix that

  276. Anonymous says:

    make a zip file!!!

  277. Alex says:

    So I had an older version of this in my world and the newer textures are in other worlds but I cant get them in my world it was in before. Can anyone help?

  278. Kryzier says:

    Mod doesn’t work I’m using Windows 12

  279. Gamerfox202 says:

    Really dumb question but, how do you put the tv on the tv stand every time I do it just hits it and damages the prop

  280. Hunter says:

    Fix this its not working on you should use mediafire

  281. itzaham says:

    if I have an older version will I need to download the new behaviour or just texture?

  282. a says:

    My resource pack doesn’t work and I don’t see it!

  283. diego says:

    Veryyyy goood i use for my pc (minecraft windows 10 edition) i love thx robertogamer

  284. Anonymous says:

    robert can you plz make the furniture have uses in rhem but i really love it and it works on my phone😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  285. Fillmore134 says:

    When i downloaded the behaviour pack it said duplicate pack detected but i checked i had no furnicraft behaviours please fix this

  286. Majik Floriana says:

    when i place nothing appears and all i see are shadows

  287. Majik says:

    his was published on my birthday lol

  288. Kourupt says:

    Im in a bad situation i play on xbox and for some reason the resource back doesnt want to work for me i did every step correctly to put it into my game but it doesnt show up on the resourse tab on mc the behavior pack works fine but the resource pack is broken what a bummer i was really looking foward to this addon

  289. Anonymous says:

    I have a suggestion for the creator. Instead of adding more stuff to the addon, see why a lot of people can’t get it to work and fix the issues causing that problem first.

  290. A hooman that plays Minecraft says:

    Sorry 2 stars because each time I use it it crashes my game

  291. Flames says:

    Same as Leo

  292. Blocky Gamer says:

    Love this it would also be nice to see crafting recipes for the furniture in case we want to use this in survival

  293. Somebody says:

    How do you get the clay?

  294. FireDragonIII says:

    Hey!!! Uhh.. probably asking a dumb question… how do you sit on the chairs? I can’t find a single button to do that. And also, is the creeper statue supposed to explode? If so, that’s a cool feature, but if you want a statue in the center of a town it may explode. But overall, it looks great!!! I love how everything works, and can’t wait for everything to function!

  295. Idea Machine says:

    This sucks, why dose this keep crashing? Please remove the crashing

  296. Anonymous says:

    Links are adfly

  297. Leo says:

    The addon is great and all, but. You have to fix this addon everytime I load minecraft.. it crashes straight away! It’ll be great if you fix it. Thanks!

  298. Mr Jefferson says:

    It should lag cuz is an “heavy” archive for minecraft support, the same thing when you enable more than 5 add-ons on a world
    You need divide this addon to no crash

  299. Sejlnf says:

    Mannn this is so good it works properly and it doesent replace any blocks in the actual game love it man and i would like to see more from u if u can keep up the good work

  300. Starlight says:

    I love it!! 😃😃

  301. Braylon says:

    Trash. Minecraft stopped working for me.👎😡

  302. Hello it’s me fireboy says:

    My world doesn’t even works😔

  303. AvielPlayzYT says:

    This is amazing it only crashed one time +i made a house with it! I would hot recommend it to the users of low end devices though cuz i have a high end device and it crashed one time

  304. LilMissSenpai says:

    I Love it! You should also do a painting addon for maybe a painting press so we can put our own artwork up one day ^~^

  305. Anonymous says:

    I got super excited at first but then it just keeps on crashing don’t think you should get it

  306. Hepbaestos says:

    It crashes all the time

  307. Alexander The Best YT says:

    It doesn’t work 🙁

  308. Alexander The Best YT says:

    It doesn’t work 🙁

  309. Sugar girl 1202 says:

    This website is trash it’s a waste of mods

  310. Sugar girl 1202 says:

    How can you download this there’s like no download button here even this website looks like trash

  311. Pro gamer 8728 says:

    Uhmm can you make an app of this for free I can’t even download it like it take 15 hrs I downloaded the behaviour but the resource cannot be downloaded so make an app called MCPEDL Addons

  312. Beep says:

    Is there a way that I can change colors for the chairs directly? Except placing and killing and replacing and killing over and over? Is there a command or am i stuck with random chairs everywhere…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, you could probably use the /kill @e and it would kill all of the nearby entities. Including all of those pesky chairs.

      • 👍 says:

        Don’t stop do /kill @e though, unless you want to kill every single entity. I forgot you did don’t, do /kill @e [type = (entity)]

  313. Ra1Nb0W says:

    This crashed my game on my Moto e5 play and this phone was meant for gaming, even when it was new it, it managed to crash the game. Please add compatibility for the Moto e5 play please.

  314. Kodek says:

    I’m in and only have some things. Not everything is in the addon and most of the things aren’t there only things like a wooden bench and small table

  315. Very good addon! It doesn’t crash, try playing on, enable experimental gameplay and it should work.

  316. oH mY gOsH says:

    I did everything I was supposed to but my game keeps on crashing

  317. Go moo aahh says:

    If yours are crashing, you are recommended to download the 1.10.3 I believe. (go to an addon app)
    turn on experimental gameplay and donee

  318. Brandon says:

    It crashes when I put it on my world!

  319. jacon lebron says:

    both download links are broken

    • jacon lebron says:

      nvm i found something on chrome extensions called Universal bypass it skipped all the pop up and fixed this is for other people that might have had my problem

  320. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    It still crashes my game when I try and put it on my world please fix!!!!

  321. Elle says:

    I have been trying this mod every update and my game crashes before it can get in the game every time. I have tried experimental gameplay and everything and it’s still not working. If anybody has any tips that would be awesome! But by the looks of it it looks very cool and I can’t wait to try it once the add on works.

  322. regsemm says:

    This is not good, 😭 it doesn’t work at all! – very disappointing

  323. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    This is the best furniture addon but im sad cuz i cant use it as stupid minecraft always says “duplicate pack detected” while I try to import the behavior pack even though it’s not a duplicate pack , seriously I don’t already have the behavior pack but minecraft still says that I already have it. Ik that its not ur fault but I just wanted to share my feelings

  324. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I downloaded both packs put them both on a map with experimental and my game crashes every time it’s the textures?!

  325. GOLDENROD says:

    Adfly link doesn’t work
    I need direct download

  326. FDGod says:

    Pls remove the 3d beds. Its bad and not modern

  327. FDGod says:

    Addon is great but please don’t make entity move when you pushed them its really annoying.

  328. OceanWolf says:

    I Tried this but it didn’t work as I thought though. I click the Behavior pack it wasn’t there.

  329. MatrizXD says:

    I can’t get in minecraft now

  330. ... says:

    I need help with spawning the furniture…
    I can only spawn the heads but when it comes to the zombie villager it spawns it instead of furniture.
    Please help or fix this

  331. Anonymous says:

    Dude, you need to make a 1.14 version. Please. I’m begging you.

  332. Anonymous says:

    Looks good!

    Just Kidding! Turning this on will crash your game, don’t download unless you are on a high end w10 device

  333. Anonymous says:

    I redownloaded it. Still crashing even though people say its fixed

  334. Kelly Cakes YT says:

    When ever I try to download the add on it downloads something else

    Oh and for the people that their game keeps crashing “TURN ON EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY’

  335. Chloe says:

    At first, this resource pack actually looked good from the pictures. But it never really fit Minecraft’s theme. But it looked interesting, so I just installed it. When I entered my world, it was very laggy and after moving for a few seconds, the world eventually crashes and kicks me out. My version is 1.11.4 on an Android. Hope you fix this.

  336. Kitkatgamingyt says:


  337. Anonymous says:

    It keeps telling me to use a vpn. I cant download furnicraft and i live in the u.s. doesnt work

    • Anonymous says:

      Download the app “addons” from the App Store, and yeah I deleted 12 apps from my iPad and it still won’t work

  338. lmao says:

    Works for me!

    • Anonymous says:

      lol it downloaded fine, but I can’t even open the game without it crashing. Hope creator can fix bc I need better furniture!

  339. Human says:

    Is this work for 1.11 ?

  340. AndroMakus says:

    not working on 1.12 1.11 crash cards! correct this error

    • Anonymous says:

      i clicked on the behavior and resources links and it took me somewhere else with a lot of scams. help?

  341. Joe says:

    Bad add-on crashes game no sooner I try to make a world with it

  342. Albert0 says:

    ummm, look. I was looking for a decent furniture mode for my mates and I, and I found this and it looked EPIC. but it keeps crashing my game. I play 1.11.1, can u help or fix this if it’s a bug.

  343. James says:

    This addon is awesome looking but when I go into a world after putting the addon on and experimental gameplay on it crashes on me every single time. May you please update this addon to the latest version of pocket edition as in 1.11.2+ and make sure it doesn’t crash please and thank you?

  344. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Crashes my game

  345. Bellahh says:

    Its crashing my minecraft app and its just been the last two updates i love this addon please fix it !! 🥺🥺

  346. RitzierHook73 says:

    I tried to use this, but when I opened the world it kicked me out of the app.

  347. Idk says:

    I downloaded this addon on the addons app v.3 and it worked but when I saw that you updated this on mcpedl I deleted my original one and installed this one but when I tried to put it on the world and I had experimental game mode on it still crashed send help

  348. Hans says:


    Works perfectly with

  349. WildDemonLord says:

    Hey, I know this was just updated and I am happy about that. However, I have mcpe on an amazon kindle fire tablet. I tried loading my world and it crashed completely. Please fix this!

  350. Anna says:

    Hey so I have minecraft 1.14.1 so cold you make it so I can get the mod for 1.14.1?

  351. WildDemonLord says:

    This addon is awesome looking but when I go into a world after putting the addon on and experimental gameplay on it crashes on me every single time. May you please update this addon to the latest version of pocket edition as in 1.11.2+ and make sure it doesn’t crash please and thank you?

  352. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Please fix the rotation bug

  353. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Could you make it so it doesn’t replace stuff

  354. James says:

    It crashes when my world loads I have 1.11

  355. Alisha says:

    How do I download the pack through the link? It takes me to adfly

  356. Martin says:

    Man houw do u rotate it with hoe it doesnt work pls i need help

  357. Anonymous says:

    It would not work at all I was looking forward to this! 😭😭😭

  358. Mint cat🎵🐈 says:

    The add-on will not work. Instead it keeps crashing Minecraft. The Version that I have is 1.11 👎👎😾

  359. Chaise says:

    I don’t now how to get the furniture 😭

  360. Katie S says:

    I was able to open the behaviors pack but when I downloaded the resources pack, I was unable to open the file. It worked kn my friends Apple device but not on my android.

  361. Mark says:

    They are the best addons I’ve tried in my life.

  362. AlronRobith says:

    So whenever I put this addon on a world I want, it just crashes and I can’t go on a world with this addon on it. Can you fix it so it doesn’t crash please.

  363. Biazitas says:

    I have a Samsung J7 Android 5 and original MCPE 1.10 version.
    I tried the v10.2-10.4 app and didn’t work.
    When the world is loading the game closes.
    I tried on my sister cellphone Motorola G5s Android 7 too and happened the same.

  364. Cheif says:

    Do you think you could add pewdiepie`s chair in this addon?

  365. Anonymous says:

    Every time I try to use it, it just crashes my world before it even finishes loading. I used a previous version of this and it worked just fine, and I liked it.

    • Biazitas says:

      I have a Samsung J7 Android 5 and original MCPE 1.10 version.
      I tried the v10.2-10.4 app and didn’t work too.
      When the world is loading the game closes.
      I tried on my sister cellphone Motorola G5s Android 7 too and happened the same.

  366. Anonymous says:

    What version is this?

  367. FilipinoGachaTuber says:

    corregir un error donde cuando pones el complemento se bloquea

  368. Katie says:

    PUT A 1.10 VER. PLEASE!!!!!

  369. Anonymous says:

    I can’t enter the world I keep popping out

    • Gavin says:

      It doesn’t work, it boost you right back to homepage. Can someone plz help me. I love Minecraft and really want this mod.

  370. Qaanie says:

    I can’t rotate the furniture pls help 😣

  371. Anonymous says:

    Not sending me to dowload page

  372. Jb says:

    Can you make a wolf ears addon because I was trying the capes addon and maybe you can make a wolf ears addon because I do roleplay videos on my Minecraft server and I would like to add in wolf ears. If you do that I’m going to be so happy 😁

  373. Саша says:

    Как Скачать У Меня Не Показывает

  374. ryantube gaming says:

    I downloaded this and it had the items but when I placed it down It had no model even though I had both the textures and behaviors on

  375. Aniyah Jade says:

    Wait can u Hit it?

  376. Coolboyte says:

    Mod works great but I need to know how to Break the things

  377. Ashy_Ells19971 says:

    Dude, I can’t play my minecraft now. It keeps on kicking me out everytime I open the minecraft app

  378. Aidan says:

    It won’t work plz help

  379. Harry says:

    I really want to use it but it keeps kicking me off the game before I can use it!!!!!PLEASE FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • keyboardmannow says:

      You’re not entitled to immediate updates for this mod, and as far as I know, you haven’t paid a dime to the author for the mod.

  380. Star The Furry(TheGamingWolf) says:

    I’m 1.9 and it doesn’t work PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! I was gonna do a YouTube series with it in my world:c but I can’t….

  381. Pro says:

    Link is not working do something!

  382. Nam says:

    I need help. When I spawn the furniture it’s invisible

  383. Night says:

    The mod keeps glitching a crashing my game and i haven’t even used it yet!PLS fix this! i really want to useit!

  384. The createuhn says:

    It will not work even with experimental gameplay on *RAGES*

  385. The Block Genius says:

    I have 1.9.0 and it will not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. Anonymous says:

    It loads however when i place it is invisible. Please HELP!

  387. Chris says:

    We love you if you fix it crash out of mcpe all time and shows black eggs fix for us were need it too much you will make us happy if you fix the errors crash

  388. Anonymous says:

    Help, it’s not working

  389. Krit Weratananon says:

    Can we get the file from the creator?

  390. I’ll take MODS or nothin says:

    Help, it’s not working

  391. Ronja says:

    Works well for me on v 1.9.0 (win 10), the beds, however, are glitched (textures appears in air) and I cannot rotate anything. I’m using both a shader and a texture pack and it seems the bed glitch is because of it.

  392. RustedBlackhawk says:

    Can you fix the download link. It takes me to, which is just a blank white screen. I want to download this addon but I can’t because of it.

  393. austoots says:

    It says motheregarded info

  394. Summer597 says:

    It doesn’t work at all!!!😕

  395. Mai says:

    The download is not working it will bring me to a blank page I’ll wait then nothing happens

  396. Anonymous says:

    The links don’t work.

  397. lumber says:

    vai me ajudar muito nas construções

  398. WTF GIVE ME MODS!! says:

    The resource pack link isn’t working

  399. Aiden Esposito says:

    how do i download for mac and java

    • iHack it says:

      This is Minecraft bedrock edition not java edition so it won’t work. You can try out mcpe on iOS or android or if you have windows 10 pc there is a windows 10 version but not a macOS I Hope I could help you.👍

  400. RedScoutGamer PH says:

    This addon doesn’t even work for me when I enable this addon on my worlds and I open it it crashes and sends me back to my home screen

  401. Anonymous says:

    Put the files in their respected places, activated them in my world settings, went to creative to find the furniture, typed FURNICRAFT in the search bar, only founds a few items not all of what you had said.

  402. Tnt says:

    It crashes in the beta 1.9

  403. Kevin says:

    Im on android playing on 1.8.1 and when i try using this in a world it crashes and i did all the steps

  404. mimikumaster5 says:

    guys… this is the future of addons, we are venturing into a new era were addons dont suck, nore are they basic… this is the time were addons overtake mods and minecraft evolves… be prepared for awesomeness…

  405. Amanda says:

    is this a scam or virus?? plz respond

  406. Mine turtle dude says:

    When I downloaded the adon it said i had a duplicate pack so I read the tips tried wat it said then it downloaded and when I tried it out my game crashed plz fix it it not working for 1.9 grrrrrr fix it plz

  407. Harrythemagician13 says:

    i hate the crashes in this addon! 1.8 didnt work! 1.90.5? No it didnt work for it! Fix it!

    • Yuno says:

      Tengo sugerencias para su próxima actualización. Haga que los muebles no sean mobs sino bloques y agregue esto. Carro de compras, vehículos, parrilla de barbacoa, más funciones, ventilador eléctrico, aire acondicionado, cortinas, más barriles, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, más NPC’s, calendarios, Más cajones, más sillas y agregar más funciones a los muebles y arreglar el rotador no funciona gracias 🙂

  408. Anna Rizza Armiza says:

    always crashing plz fix it and oh BRING THE CAR BACK!!!

  409. WieldyGirrafe70 says:

    It won’t load, it crashes every time I try!!!!

  410. Mustache says:

    Whenever I get the behavior pack it says duplicate pack detected

  411. A Reallly Lonnnnnnng Name says:

    Awesome Addon hope you will add more to it and expand your epic addon please keep this stuff going you are doing so good . Best addon of 2018 last year So will it happen this year I hope it can and I hope you keep up the great work thank you have a good day.

  412. CrazyGamerGaby says:

    Its doesnt work. I installed both Resources and Behavior and put it in my game, it loads then it crashes, exits me out of minecraft. Im using IOS by the way incase you were going to ask.

  413. Louie says:

    It Doesnt Work

  414. Anonymous says:

    perfect! but I dont like a beds! can you remove the bed?

  415. Jackson says:

    iOS user and its great👦🏼

  416. Tony says:

    Can you not take me to it is full of scams

  417. Minetrongsenpai says:

    addons do not support minecraft

  418. Anonymous says:

    So I got this and was a bit disappointed. The chairs move, none of the tools work, I can’t get rid of anything, and its kind of broken. Yes I did download the resource and behavior packs, but nothing really worked for me. 0/10 won’t recommend.

  419. Jenna says:

    Pretty nice but I wish that you could sit on the chairs, place stuff on the tables, and that a few more things were interactive, and that you could control the color/materiel of the tables and chairs. Other then those problems it’s actually pretty nice.

  420. Sans says:

    Why you remove the car??

  421. Maxil89 says:

    Wow,the variety of furniture is perfect … You went with this addon !!! It is the best, Good job. I hope you continue updating this great addon for future versions.

  422. Anonymous says:

    Well the pack is better now but……
    Why did you remove car? Car was so nice and cool feature. I think you should get it back (in other look, in whatever stile and so on….. Just make it back)

  423. Fred says:

    Would’ve been better if those were block types rather than mob tho

  424. gamingstats says:

    You should add PewDiePie`s chair

  425. Anonymous says:

    I would love to use it but I ABSOLUTELY HATE the fact that it’s in a different language I do not recommend it it’s also very laggy and most furniture doesn’t work.

  426. Itchamnm says:

    From the images the addon looks cool but when I put it on a world it loads half way then crashes I am in 1.8 but I have experimental gameplay inabled any way to stop the crashes?

  427. Snow says:

    Your textures don’t work! The furniture is invisible! And I do have the texture pack on the world.

  428. Anonymous says:

    how do you donload it agine i dont know pleasa ruplay help pleasa.

  429. Riski says:

    I ‘ m not can play with thist

  430. norma says:

    how to downlode this
    i want it so bad

  431. mojtaba says:

    can you add a zip file because the links are not working for me please

  432. mojtaba says:

    why cant I download this? I’m on windows 10 not java

  433. Anonymous says:

    RobertGamer69 how to download this addon because while im like downloading while watching youtube how to download and it press download .ZIP but there s nothing there at all

  434. RedPandie74 says:

    First: Good models.
    Second: I think there might be something wrong with the resource.mcpack, because the game crashes when I add it. The game works fine when its only the behavior. Please consider checking this.

  435. Anonymous says:

    Please find a way were we can get it In survival mode please

  436. PickStone346 says:

    I love this addons. But there are 2 trouble
    1.When i use the addons on the world either the resource pack or behavior pack in beta 1.9. Clicking the world that had the addon Furnicraft addons applies crashes the game

    2.I recently downgrade my minecraft to 1.8.0. When i apply the Furnicraft addons on a world and play it, it work fine, but when i click the mob eggs it crashes the game

    If you can fix it i will give it 4 or 5 stars

  437. Ios needs BETA NOW says:

    I am on IOS does anyone know when 1.9 releases for IOS

  438. Woozy says:

    Ok I have the original one downloaded. So I tried downloading this version, it said duplicate pack detected. So I completely deleted the older version then re-downloaded this one. It was the same except it said crossbow instead of bow. And I followed ALL the instructions. But you can tell so much work has gone into this… It’s amazing overall I guess

  439. A Random User says:

    I prefer the one that replaces mobs cuz i’m on iOS since I can’t get the beta

  440. Handledfish4076 says:

    can you use it is easier for me to download it and it takes less time.

  441. Karan dave says:

    I applied the resources pack and the behaviour pack and I turned on the experimental gameplay and I created the world but when it starts loading my game automatically turns off does anyone know how to solve it?

  442. Xavier says:

    Can be for 1.8 too

  443. SlimeQueen24 says:

    OMG The best mod in the whole world. I’ve always been looking for something like this. Life saver.

  444. Karin romero says:

    please use mediafire that page does not work

  445. Ahmedwolfy says:

    Could You Fix This Update When I Apply It To The World Then I Enter The World It Kicks Me Out Of Game I’m In Soo Fix It Plz

  446. Mark says:

    Just don’t fix the TV OK

  447. mad guy says:

    just black!!!!! says i have texture egg black when place i seem to be sitting and says now you cam rotate but i cant see it

  448. Ahmedwolfy says:

    This Addon Is Really Awesome!

  449. Myami says:

    Guess what i had to delete all of my data on Minecraft because of the addon and the addon used to work for me now it doesn’t! 😾👎👎👎👎👎

  450. KrammyplayzMC says:

    Freaking awesome! Pls make another add-on like Vehicles, Planes, or Mecha with high details and some animation or maybe a Dinosaur from Jurassic world. Or Monster Hunter World. Your the best maker of FurniCraft I very very like it. All my friends enjoy visiting my world because of your FurniCraft. I highly recommend to download this addon. And advance Merry Christmas to all! 🤗🤗🤗

  451. Concerned says:

    Why is there a satanic ritual?!

  452. Eevee says:

    Hey can you make so that we can actually place stuff on the tables? Tables are used to put things! Not to be just decorations! Plus, can you make the chairs to NOT ROTATE while riding it? My idea is to rotate it just use a stick.

  453. rosie says:

    it closes minecraft every time I apply the behaviour pack

  454. KirbyFan64Bro says:

    Does this addon work when version 1.8 releases for bedrock? It is almost there.

  455. realdiamondpick says:

    good addon would give 5 star if it worked with older worlds

  456. mungcal1101 says:

    so bad wjen I use it it wont let me join :c

  457. pedroredstone13 says:

    por favor adicione outros tipos de carros e veiculos para decoração um avião por exemplo para um aeroporto

  458. Yoshi says:

    i cant seem to get the rest of the items.. what do i do?

  459. Aa says:

    Comment on fait pour l installer

  460. Hero says:

    Make this a ZIP FILE PLZ

  461. Allen says:

    Please help me i know theres a ton of furniture but theres not much theres just a kitchen craft and cabinets and wooden tables other than that tgeres nothing..

  462. Macyshines says:

    GUYS ITS FOR 1.9 ONLY NOT 1.8!!!!! >:(

  463. Minecraftian says:

    The only items I got were the beds, kitchen counter, cabnites, coffee table and the paintings whats the problem?

  464. Anonymous says:

    я не могу скачать

  465. Endy the nightguard says:

    Nice,very useful for my house decoration,but it would be cooler if you could have a sports car or just transform your car to a sports car

  466. copyright says:

    I really like this but i think people have used this without giving credit on youtube

  467. Anonymous says:

    Spawn eggs are black and furniture is shulker box

  468. RedpandaYT says:

    Yo make the furniture work like you know furniture

  469. Myami says:

    This addon keeps crashing Minecraft

  470. Lol says:

    This ia so stupendesly anazing and excellent add more instuments please like harp,guitar,trumpet and add a ball for swimming pools😊😊😊

  471. Anonymous says:

    This is really great im so happy😆😆😆😅😅😄😄😃😃😀😀😊😊☺☺but add instuments like guitar,harp,trumpets and more its completely working AND REMOVE THE ritual because i dont want it and please add baby yoys make it more like decocraft ….

  472. Little Amie says:

    When ever I open the world with this add on, my entire game crashes

  473. Mark Gabriel Baling says:

    Its a amazing add-on

  474. Ren says:

    It doesn’t work every time I try and go in to the world it’s added on to it just glitches me out 😡

  475. Emma says:

    I downloaded it and the only thing that shows up is the villager for trading items and he trades none of the things on here can you help me with this

  476. A person says:

    I only got the cabinets kitchen things paintings beds and villagers no cars and others.

  477. Borger says:

    Looks great, but when I try to import behavior, it says I have a duplicate pack already. I checked my storage and found no such file. I don’t know if this is a problem with this pack of a problem with my minecraft, but it this is with your pack, please fix it possible.