Published on December 08, 2022 (Updated on November 03, 2023)

Gapple Cows Add-on ( Golden Apple Cows )

This add-on introduces new Apple, Golden Apple and Enchanted Golden Apple cows. You can also craft new foods and try new golden and enchanted milk to help your gaming experience!!!

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Gapple Cows Add-on:

  • Reworked page
  • Compatible with 1.16.100 to 1.20+
  • Fix bugs


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Pinned comment
Love this add-on XD, and also the gapple cow design remind me to moobloom :b
Is there a way for me to edit the code to reduce the spawning frequency of the apple cows? They're taking over my realm
yes, edit spawn rule , Mcpedl is currently taking a long time to update Addons so I don't know if I can upload a Update because I am waiting that since the beginning of March I take a Update but I do not accept it, and I was thinking of moving to Modbay for the subject
Also, I'm sorry to answer very late