Published on April 02, 2024 (Updated on April 05, 2024)

Gem 16x V2 | Green PVP Texture Pack

Are you a PVP Player who is trying to find a good texture pack and that your favorite color is green? You came to the right place, introducing Gem 16x V2. Now before downloading any texture pack, you’ll first try to look what this pack offers and if it fits your style.

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Thank you AdminRAT for helping out on the thumbnail 

and the skin render!



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w pack
you stole multiple assets of the wdym x16 pvp pack
Shadow Eagle started making his pack a month ago or even a week ago. I started my pack in November, where most of the textures were made before he even started wdym. Looking at some textures, i don’t see any similarities. Could you name the texture(s)?