Published on June 24, 2021 (Updated on June 23, 2021)

Gladiators [Minigame]

Welcome to Gladiators! In this minigame you will test your skills in PvP with your friends. You will be dueling each other. When you win - you will be teleported into the next arena to fight with another winner. If you win again, you will get to the finale. If you win in the finale - YOU WIN THE GAME! So there are 8 players at the start, then 4, and then 2.

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I'm limited to 8 chunks simulation distance
zabity stavby je videt ze to delas dlouho
Díky za zpětnou vazbu! Jsem rád že se líbí.
Thank you for your feedback! I am glad that you like it.
How did u make ur game look exactly like java?
Hello, I am using this resource pack, which is imitating the Java user interface:
Ah, I can't post a link here :/
Anyway its name is Vanilla deluxe: Java UI
Hope you will find that
lol i don't have friends that play is there a way to play against AI
No, there isn't. I am unable to do that :(