Glowing Magical Swords V1

Sick and Tired of old boring swords?

Say no more! This addon gives you 7 New Glowing Magical Swords! Cool Right? The swords are Glowing Sword of Night Vision, Glowing Sword of Instant Health, Glowing Sword of Strength, Glowing Sword of Speed, Glowing Sword of Jump Boost, Glowing Sword of Water Breathing and Glowing Sword of Invinsibility! If you want to download the addon just follow the instructions below!

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  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed issues about the pack
  • Changed the Description
  • Added new supported minecraft versions
  • Added new download link


Installation Guides

Bruh i blocked the ads and it took me to a place where its says Press Allow To Continue.And after i cant click anything else.pls fix this.if not then i dont know what will.
Use universal bypass for the adfly
I’m trying to make the swords but it’s not working I have experimental on but it’s not working? Fix it plz
Hi I'm and this addon in my server for my friends play with me but it doesnt work and I'm really sure was turn on Experimental Gameplay.
sorry Hi I’m add not Hi I’m and
hello i try so exuse me bruh
ey dud yur mod no functininG
Can you please explain what blocks you used for the crafting recipes? I'm trying to make these myself and one of them I don't understand. Which block is it? Thank you.
glazed terracotta
Pretty good. Unique designs and doesn’t replace anything
Cant craft the swords, Im in experimental
It does not work, I downloaded both resource and behavior pack, with experimental gameplay on, still no work, this is the problem
Guest-1512327788 May 15, 2020 at 9:50 pm
Doesn't work cant craft any of the swordss
Guest-6328773123 May 10, 2020 at 1:02 pm
it no work
Don't work with the Experimental Gameplay
Wow! Please add more swords! I really like it....