Published on August 13, 2023

Glowing mobs and texture varients

This resource pack randomizes the hostile mob textures to make the adventures a bit more interesting. now you can see zombies in different skins instead of same old zombie in steve clothes . and also it makes the mob eyes glow which makes it easier to detect mobs in dark also makes the night time better looking



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Tested this Addon on the Old Gen xbox (server) v. 1.20.62, currently working with no bugs, baby zombie looks to be fixed as i did not run into that glitch. Love the addon/ texture pack, this will play well with Tartarean Mobs.
love the mod its supper creepy and i love it but a slight problem with invisible baby zombies thats the only problem ive run in to
Very good! It fet in vanille style ans there IS a direct mediafire link