Green Land Estate Mansion (Narnia World)

Welcome to Green Land Estate V.2 (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Join with friends and build a great world with the estates mysterious mansion. Find many rooms, secret passage ways, and a magical wardrobe that takes you to a world frozen over by the evil White Witch, Jadis.

This Massive Mansion is absolutely perfect for hide and seek and just plain sneakery! Check every painting, trapdoor and cupboard in the house for any tunnels and secret rooms..

TIP at least one player must have a torch in his or hers inventory for the wardrobe to let you into Narnia. No torch, no Narnia! Same goes for going back home. No torch, no getting back home! You’ll be stuck in Narnia otherwise.

The year is 1940. You flee the horrors of WWII and escape to the country and stay at your Uncle’s quiet mansion.

With plenty of rooms and secret passageways, there is heaps to explore.

While playing a game of hide and seek, you discover a spare room with an awfully big wardrobe. 

You hide in the cool fur coats and walk back further than anyone should in a wardrobe, and find it’s getting much cooler.. and discover a winter wonderland!!

In the warm light of a lamp post, you are directed to either Mr Tumnus’ House..

Or.. The Beavers Dam! 

Or even.. The White Witches Ice Castle..

She’s the one who makes it always winter but never Christmas. For over 100 years too! The goal of the map, (when you get to Narnia) is to break into her castle and collect all the treasures! But beware… the land of Narnia is filled with her spies and guards so be careful! 

You’ll need at least two other friends to break in without getting killed. Or go Solo and try defeating her guards yourself!

Changelog View more

-Changed entire upstairs book case maze to proper rooms

-Changed massive downstairs living room to hallway with rooms 

-added signs to explain gameplay

-changed front room for more accuracy 

-edited spareroom doorway 

-added an extension with more rooms

Green Land Estate V.2 is finally here!!!

-many more rooms added

-more secret passageways and tunnels

-more accurate to the movie

-Wayy bigger mansion

-changed lamp post 

-changed entrance to Narnia 

-changed wardrobe mechanic!

wardorbe will now only let you into Narnia if a play has a torch in their inventory 

-more fine tuning here and there

-more hide and seek compatible 

-added signs to give further information 

-added bushes and shrubs to make it easier to stay on paths 

-Added pathway to make finding Mr Tumnus’s house easier.

-Added pathway for easier finding of The Beavers Dam.

-Added more light to The White Witches Castle’s interior and exterior.

-laid down ground works for the next update 

coming soon.

-Fixed a huge issue with Android users not being able to download!

massive update coming soon!

-Added better download links

-Added YouTube Tralier 

-Better installation Guide.

-Changed preview Image

Btw Massive update coming soon!! So stay tuned!


Download MediaFire link

Once in downloads folder tap on downloaded file and play. 

If the level fails to import (NOT SPONSORED!) try downloading an app called Addons both in google play store and App Store. Then search for my map. I AM NOT SPONSORED 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Jacopo Gianfreda says:


  2. Random User 123 says:

    I saw this updated and was really excited to download it, because the last time I tried it didn’t work . . . yeah . . . It’s still not working for me 🙁 and this looks like such an amazing map, I really wanna get it
    If there’s a mcworld I can use, can someone just put in the link please?

  3. Looking forward to trying this with RTX!

  4. Wow, this is amazing. The attention to detail is epic. Seeing as this is based on the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I’d love to see one for Prince Caspian. The ruins of Cair Paravel would be an absolute wonder to see in Minecraft.

  5. BUDDYGAMING7863 says:

    It is based on Narnia and i love it

  6. Spyguy10078 says:

    Magnificent creation love it 🙂

  7. adamk104 says:

    I sent all the files from inside the folder KYixX-h6AAA= to a .zip and changed the extension to .mcworld and the import was successful.

  8. adamk104 says:

    This is how you find the world files in Windows 10(how I do it and it works until the stage of publishing on mcpe dl)
    Windows C – Users – User – .AppData – Local – Packages – Microsoft.MinecraftUWP(…) – Local state – games – com.mojang – minecraftWorlds
    In this folder you need to find your world’s folder based on the photo of world_icon.jpeg.
    Then you must send all the files INSIDE the folder to a .zip file
    Then you change the extension from .zip to .mcworld – it should be a working .mcworld file to import the world with double click unless:
    – it contains unknown signs – then you just need to change the name of the file/folder with unknown signs
    You can upload both .zip and .mcworld file on your mediafire account. I can also suggest you publishing the world on google drive share(you can share a file with a link, get down to it if you’re interested)

  9. Spyguy10078 says:

    WoW! Fantastic mind-blowing epic awesome creation really appreciated super cool perfect Map ?

  10. Cebripower says:

    I see that it is a good map, but… The level import of the world failed!! Can you help me? Thanks and congratulations.

  11. If you have the version for java If possible send the link to me

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