Groovy – Pvp Texture/Resource Pack

Groovy is one of many pvp texture packs I am planning on making. If I get good feedback on a texture pack, i’ll update it. If you wish to see more things added in this pack, comment it down below, I’ll read it. Some of your suggestions could appear in the next pack. Groovy isn’t replacing every single texture of minecraft, only a few of them. Hope you like it!

New pack coming soon! Thanks for the support!

Changelog View more

- Added the new download link., I forgot to change it earlier.

- Added outlined ores.
- Made small tweaks to the hotbar

Changed the hotbar so that the slots are actually visible.


Just click the link, it should automatically download. If it dosen't work, don't hate me, hate the site. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16 (beta) RTX Beta


16x 32x 8x

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45 Responses

4.89 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. balta says:

    muy bueno el paquete de textura, lo descargue pero todavía no lo probé, me gustan mucho cuando los paquetes de textura cambian la textura de la espada, y la hacen mas cortita. increible este esfuerzo

  2. AThousandSunny54 says:

    Nice update! This is my first and favorite PvP pack and i have suggestions.
    1.Clear UI
    2.Try Re-texturing the ingots (gold, diamond,etc.)

  3. RethouGh says:

    MMM that cool but i want downoald later

  4. Its_Skyy_ says:

    Wow! cool texture pack and btw can you make the netherite armor a plain model like the other armors that would be cool and can you make the d-pad controls and inventory bar in the hotbars invisible? I’mma rate this 5 stars

  5. UnlistedSplashYT says:

    Does it remove Crit partials cos I can’t see them

  6. Alvis312 says:

    Could you please make the ores outlined? It would be a lot better because I could easily find ores

  7. darkie123 says:

    i always wanted a pvp pack multipixel support..

  8. Cheesexd01 says:

    CAn you make a discord server for easy suggestions?

  9. AThousandSunny54 says:

    Perfect pack! Thanks! And also make the ore have a outline around them like diamonds have blue lapis has dark blue and etc.

  10. Lightning_Craft_YT says:

    Hey the wood texture is from the Default+

    • Vibe says:

      Actually, it’s the texture from the beta textures that Mojang did for an update. I tweaked the oak planks a little bit. Default+ is a really good pack, but I didn’t take any textures from it!

  11. Cheesexd01 says:

    Hi there, nice texture pack! Can i add some suggestions?
    First: when you make out lined ore for ancient debris make it like easier to spot in the nether
    Second: make some armor like make some netherite armor plain a bit(simple)
    Third: change most texture for the food if you can
    Sorry for my bad English i am foreign

  12. dodboi says:

    Impresionante!! <3

  13. Hawwi says:

    This is a pretty awesome pvp pack, mind if I use the Armor icon on the Hotbar in a pack I’m making?

  14. m1qk says:

    when you update this, will it be in a new pack or will i just reinstall the pack

  15. m1qk says:

    please remake the invisible hotbar. its cool but its rly hard to tell what thing ur on.

  16. m1qk says:

    This honestly looks like the best PvP pack out there rn. Please update it and outline ores. Love everything else

  17. BkxSymptomz says:

    omg it’s exactly like time deo’s pack the sword i love it

  18. nicor says:

    Can you add a custom outline box?

  19. 2017mygame says:

    I think it looks awesome, its just the hotbar/inventory should have boxes around each slot, still invisible just with an outline around each slot

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