Published on August 19, 2020 (Updated on October 09, 2023)

Half Heart [UPDATE]

Can you spend this fun race with only half a heart? ❤️

The challenge that you had waited for a long time, is now yours and you will be the best to destroy every obstacle with your skills.

⏱️ Minimum duration of the map tour: 30 min.

⏱️ Maximum duration of map travel: Unknown.


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Difficulty was reduced in some sections.

automatic regeneration points

Nearest regeneration points

updated to new versions

Redstone and command mechanisms were improved

Supported Minecraft versions

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omg the best map
Its awesome i recommended this map 5 stars
Enjoyed playing the map. Would've been nice to know what language the map was in, though, couldn't understand any of the signs placed in the map becuase I don't understand the language. Was fun to play regardless :D
This Map looks fun I will makr a Video about it