Halloween Challenges

This is a map that you will do several challenges until you reach the Boss. This map has several Halloween details and everything will be explained on the map… Have Fun!

An amazing map for you to do various minigames and tasks that the witch tells you,

Map version: 1.0

Next Version: 2.0

The next version will be on the nether!

There will be many more tasks and the map will be bigger!

If you want the next version, join our Discord server for that to happen.


Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. ResidentRex says:

    Loved it 5/5

  2. Pizza fuze says:

    hey boys, I’m currently also making a giga dungeon map, with mobs and like 10 different boss battles. If you guys are interested by helping me or just me to help you for your map. I’m really advanced for commands, so I already know so much stuff to help improve your map, of course if you guys want to. I have an Instagram to chat if you’re interested! I love your addons. Keep your great work guys!

  3. chairocchi says:

    It’s fun and a great map! although like 2017mygame said, it’s short and too easy.. we’ll wait for the update ^^)

  4. 2017mygame says:

    its too easy and too short, but the commands and creativity and the way its set up is just wow

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