Published on February 15, 2024 (Updated on February 21, 2024)

HardCore OneBlock for Minecraft PE!

**By Creator**

Hello, I am very grateful to you because you people have supported me. My friend "Lakhi" who made this hardcore mod. With the help of which I have been able to make my oneblock like a hardcore oneblock. 

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Update 1.0.1  >>>

  • Fix Download link For My Subscribers 😁
  • Add new things
  • Add new Thumbnail of the map 🗺️ 
  • Add some new download links 🖇️
  • Clear some bugs 🐛
  • Fix some glitches 🪲
  • Clear lag for better experience 😉


This add-on made by DtA MC but The HardCore mode made by Lakhii




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Bro, mods for java, and addons for mcpe,
are this map for java?