Hazard Parkour

This is my first ever map. Please enjoy it. I know there may be bugs so please point them out to me. This was made to be played in Bedrock only. I worked extremely hard on it, and help me fix bugs, it was a pain to build. My associate BL00Dsh3dking helped me with the commands. he also helped me "fix my map". 

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In this update, I actually fixed the spawn and made it look way better. I also fixed the /execute commands so that you can actually play multiplayer with your friends and made a few smaller changes that are not worth mentioning, well except I made the signs a bit easier to read using the glowing ink sack.



  • 6_hazard_parkour_V2.0.mcworld (467.81 KB)
  • 6-hazard-parkour_1594949507.mcworld

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tis was a really fun map! altough some levels were really irritating me cant wait to see a sequel to this map!
that is great to hear thank you the reason some of the levels were relatively irritating was that like I said this map was made to test your skills. thank you so much for the feedback, my friend. what is your gamer tag I will be sure to mention you
I hope you all enjoy this map it took a long time to get it here thanks for all the shares.