Published on August 18, 2021 (Updated on February 15, 2022)

EXPANSION UPDATE Health Expansion (Classic, Vitality, and LIFESTEAL)

Health Expansion focuses more on your health, and includes some very cool gamemodes you(maybe) have never seen before!


  • You start with your regular 10 hearts
  • Everytime you die you lose a heart
  • The heart item gives you an extra heart unless you're at 40 hearts


  • You start with 1 heart
  • Whenever you die, you gain 1 extra heart
  • If you die with 10 hearts, you become a ghost
  • The heart item removes 1 heart, but grants you another life

Lifesteal Alpha:

  • You start with 10 hearts(customizable)
  • When you die, you lose a heart
  • If you die on your last heart you either become a ghost or end up in Limbo
  • The heart item gives you a heart
  • Everytime you kill someone you gain a heart
  • 5 Custom items(excluding the heart item)

Ever get tired of the usual 10 hearts, think it's too easy, think it's too hard, then this addon is just for you!

Minecraft updated and made it so you have to enable Holiday Creator Features to be able to play, you can turn it off if you don't want the custom items tho

You can craft Hearts based on which mode you downloaded!

Easy crafting

Normal crafting

Vitality crafting

Lifesteal Alpha crafting recipes(Please ignore the custom totem)


Compressed Heart

Revive Beacon

Recipes in Lifesteal Alpha vary between different alt recipe packs

How to use hearts

Just interact with it as if you are eating it

How Lifesteal Alpha works

Most recent Showcase Video: 



This update, I update the Lifesteal gamemode with BASICALLY(almost) EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED

I got permission from Roman Mender to use his Custom Commands script in the Lifesteal Alpha Gamemode, but it will no longer be used because of mass of complaints

Discord: Nubbdz#0474

Discord Server:

Twitter: @nubbdz

I am mostly active on my Discord



Health Expansion: Nubbdz(me)

Heart Containers: Vatonage

Custom Commands: Roman Mender

Update banner: Prixel & Nubbdz


Lifesteal Alpha is in a Linkvertise link so I can gain a lil bit of income of what I make, please and thank you!(Ad-free links in my discord server)

Select version for changelog:


Updated description, title, supported mc versions, and removed the youtube logo in the banner which was meant for the youtube thumbnail lol


and i changed the lifesteal link to a linkvertise link cause i put too much effort into this update


Make sure to have Holiday Creator Features on for all gamemodes and Molang Features for the Lifesteal Gamemode!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Hey all! just wanted to remind you guys that if you want to report a bug or send a suggestion, you should put all those in my discord server where I am mostly online!
Will u lose all ur heart when u die? Or only 1 heart?
Hello, the behavior packs are good, the texture packs work and there are no bugs or glitches to be found. Just a little suggestion, Can you please make the versions 1.17.00 or 1.17.30? Thank you.
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Could you make a version where you only loose hearts if you die to a player? If you already did, can you tell me where?
5/5 Stars! Very fun to play with friends, I found no bugs/glitches. Great mod. Thank you Nubbdz!
Does it work on realms?
hi! is this still working? I'm using version 1.18.12 and with all experimental features turned on, I have an item on my creative gamemode inventory says "Heart" with no icon on it (just invisible) and cant use it, is it only for multiplayer or am I doing something wrong? i love this addon btw :D
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Great Pack, I had a glitch but I figured out how to fix it.
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Oh ok nvm i just realized this is for 1.18, it sort of works in 1.17 edu loosing a heart works but not stealing/crafting one
hey your addon is cool but whenever i revive a ghost or limbo game crashes pls fix
Fire and FlameCraft February 18, 2022 at 2:33 am
really, how do you change the crafting recipe, do you have to modify the mod? The current craft is way too insanly hard
Does someone mind telling me how you revive someone once they have lost all their hearts.
Awesome update man but the vitality seems unreasonably hard to craft, like it IS the hardest version so getting a heart really shouldnt be easy but the current recipe is basically impossible, i'd say replace the obsidian with gold blocks, and the elytra with a lapis block, two totems and 6 blocks of gold seems worth it to sacrifice for the return of a heart.

Or you could keep it as is but make the elytra an enchanted apple instead, both seem balanced and make a bit more sense ingrediant-wise
In the original Vitality, you don't even get to craft any hearts, its more of a hardcore smp where if you lose a life, you lose it forever, so no, the heart item is reasonably hard to craft
Hi i use to use this addon when it came out and i finally have a mcpedl account so i would like to give my commentary very good addon overall love the addon