Published on October 22, 2020 (Updated on October 22, 2020)

Hello Kitty NPC

Say hello! to Hello Kitty!

Let's teleport hello kitty to minecraft. Introducing a new npc that will make your world kawai, meet Hello Kitty NPC in 4 types of models , 10 skins with usefull tools to enjoy.

Hello Kitty NPC will make your day complete so hurry up and download this wonderfull and amazing add-on.

1:  Hello Kitty  ( Boy )

2:  Hello Kitty ( Girl )

3:  Hello Kitty ( Boy ) with Sun Glasses.

4:  Hello Kitty ( Girl ) with Sun Glasses

How to get them?

1: Game must be set to Creative.

2: Open your inventory and search " Hello Kitty "

How they work?

1:   Get hello kitty eggs in inventory.

2:   Get tools by typing the command in the screenshot.

Once you enter the command , you will receive this amazing tools that will help you to use your Hello Kitty NPC.

Tools Information:

The Dress Tool.

This tool will allow you to change Hello Kitty clothes without having the NPC screen. It will only allow you to have 4 different skins only.

The NPC Berry.

It will allow you to On/or/Off the NPC Feature. Once the npc feature on , you will be able to use the following in the next screenshot.


The Hello Berry.

it will allow you to make Hello Kitty , Walk, fight and rest.

The Delete tool.

It will allow you to delete Hello Kitty NPC.

Hello Kitty small info:

4 different models.

10 different skins.

Note: You can have Hello Kitty NPC spawn egg in creative only.

Like my work?

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Thank you :)


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Very cute for my younger sis, but i hope the item textures of your addon is not more than 64x because it will kill my device. 64x is fine for me.
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This npc is so cuteee
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How do I use this? Ive downloaded it and I dont know how to use it. Do i have to use the beta version to use it?
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Can you please make a naruto npc ??
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i was looking for kuromi or my melody and stumbled upon THIS BEAUTY
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Even though I am not a big fan of hello kitty, THIS IS AWESOME!!! And impressive, please continue doing a great job! And add an update! More NPCS?
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Hey rioeyo23 You Have An Awesome Name BTW And You Make Cool NPC Add-ons... This Is Such A DOPE Add-on Models,Textures Wise It's Just Perfect! I Wish You Good Luck On Future Add-ons Man This Is Fun Little Add-on To Check Out On My Channel :D
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Thank you Thank you Thank you soooooooo much now my little cousin sister can play minecraft with her Hello Kitty! ?
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This addon is not of my use but your models are so realistic, I love it like you your crazy kart addon still try to make new add-ons but you have interest in NPCs do you make i can just give suggestions BUT IF YOU THINK TO MAKE A CAR THINK ABOUT A LIMOUSINE but it's your choice
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Wao haha es un complemente muy curioso , gran trabajo!
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