Published on March 29, 2020 (Updated on March 08, 2021)

TinkerFunctions - Admin Commands

TinkerFunctions Is A...

  1. Helpful Function Pack
  2. Great tool to moderate and control your server especially with events
  3. Helpful tool for Map makers that tinkers with commands and redstone, it speeds up production.
  4. Fantastic tool for redstone engineering.
  5. Simple to use, and easy to understand minecraft pack.

And Exactly how does this help you?

It can help you because it has commands of many types, like draining lava or water in a matter of milliseconds, Healing you and other players, or heal them and also replenish their hunger. Not only that, it can also help you build much more easily! Here are some examples of the commands.

Note: Type "/function" before any commands like this: /function drain OR /function cow10

Here are the examples

/function up10

- Go 10 blocks up and place a glass block underneath you

/function drain

- drains nearby lava or water

/function tru

- go through a wall your againts with.

There are more commands than this but to get the full list just type /function tinker_help, in-game to get list of Commands and Description of what they do.

As you have seen on the brief introduction, this pack can help you in many ways.

Ofcourse this isn't for survival mode, but for people building, hosting games, map making, or controlling players.

Here I will show you some more commands but with images.

Here is /function up10 - Go up 10 blocks and place a block beneath you. This works for up20, up30, up40, etc...

Here are some more pictures of the commands, and I hope you understand what happens when running it.


Type This Command:


What happened here, is it used a command to drain all nearby liquids, making the pond disappear.


Type This Command:

I couldn't get the screenshot but type "/function heal_s"

_s in heal_s means @s or yourself so heal_s translates to heal yourself


Before, you had 4 hearts, and now you have full, and it says "successfully executes 1 function entries on the top left corner, which means the command successfully worked

Select version for changelog:


• Added New Functions

• Updated Icon

• Updated Name

• Optimized

• Updated Older Functions

• Removed Some Functions


• Download file
• Go to your downloads folder
• Find the file named "TinkerFunctions.mcpack" and Press It
• If it asked "Open with" just press Minecraft. But it may automatically install
It will open Minecraft, install the pack, and you can now apply it to your worlds.


  • TinkerFunctions.mcpack

Installation Guides

Open player inventory from your prospective, open there shulkers,chest,shoulders,etc. WITHOUT the animation on there screen or noise...
Does this work on a realm
drain doesnt work, other than that, pretty good!
Guest-4313360661 May 21, 2020 at 5:49 am
Wow great now i cn prank my friend lol
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Yes this is sooo good it works pls trust
is a command where i can summon a tamed cat and the type?
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Where will i out this in the files? The resource pack or behavior?
It is a behavior pack.
its obviously a behavior pack, whats it gonna do, re-texture the sponge to say /drain lol
This is cool, this is like for worldedit or somethin’
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