Published on November 26, 2021 (Updated on June 06, 2022)

Hidden Item Giver

Have you ever wanted to get hidden items in vanilla without the need for a hack or world editor?

Hidden Item Giver is an add-on that allows you to get hidden items without using hacks!

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Fixed a problem in which items were not displayed after opening the transaction screen in the latest version.


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it's cool but i tried and it doesn't work for me.
add copper goat horns cuz they got removed in 1.19
you can get them when you go to 1.18.42 and turn on "big next update" then they are in the creative menu
now minecraft updated to 1.19, the recovery compass can be added to the hud in gote supporter too?
Amazing ! Is there a way to keep the photo take by the camera ?
u cant keep those photos ,that was removed a LONG time ago
in Education Edition (not the option in world generation settingsin the real Education Edition) it's possible there's an item called "portfolio"