Published on February 24, 2021 (Updated on April 29, 2021)

Hide and Seek Medieval

This map is a hide and seek to play with friends and serves the people you want, in which the theme is medieval and has a huge variety of places for you to hide like: Mines, library, temples, shops, lakes, forests and a big castle. All with lots of hiding places and Easter eggs. I hope you have fun!

medieval hide and seek

It has a command to choose the searcher, viewer mode, timer and several different hiding places,

This map was made by me and some friends helped. My twitter is @mxthzx

this map has several medieval structures like castle, library, mill, towers and mining.

inside the map will have an explanation of how to play.   

between the whole map there will be several hiding places everywhere and in most of the frames

.How to play: one of the people on the map will be the beast, and will have to spend 2:00 minutes falling into a spider's web until the others hide, the beast will have 10 minutes to prank others, if that time pass someone has to click on the button that is where the beast comes out.

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Better description for better understanding, improved controls and commands and better design.


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