Home+ Addon [Functional Home Stuff] 1.9 Update

If you need decoration and stuff for your home and you cannot find them in the game, this addon is for you.This addon adds more than 250 new furniture, decoration and survival stuff to make your game more complete.(This addon is currently in beta version, so it is not complete and I'll be adding more things in the future)

Home+ Addon contains a lot of modern and functional furniture that allow you to complete your home.

Here is a list of the addon content:

Living room:

  • Ceiling lamps (black and white).
  • Functional chairs (All Colors)
  • Six types of custom doors.
  • Six types of lamps.
  • Bamboo, sapling and ivy pots.
  • Roof lights.
  • Six different shelfs.
  • Sofas (All colors)
  • Tables
  • TV
  • Ceiling fans
  • Custom stairs
  • Shelf decorations (books, spices, potions and pots).


  • Functional plate (You can put food on it).
  • Fridge.
  • 21 types of kitchen cabinets.
  • Knifes stand.
  • Two stools.
  • Functional toaster.
  • Functional oven.
  • Decorative Teapot, dirty plates, pan and cooking pot.
  • 3 types of sinks.
  • Cups.


  • Two types of desk lamps.
  • Functional coat rack (You can put your armor).
  • Functional sword stand (Perfect to show off :) )
  • Functional hat stand.
  • LED lights.
  • Nightstands.
  • Laptop.
  • Plushies.


  • Bathroom cabinets.
  • Functional shower.
  • Functional sink.
  • Functional toilet.


  • Functional doorbell.
  • Garden chair and table.
  • Grass wall.
  • Functional grill.
  • Hanging pots.
  • Sprinkler and big sprinkler (perfect to decorate and for your wheat :) )
  • Floaters to have fun with your friends.
  • Functional skylanterns.
  • Balloon lamps.
  • Deck chairs.
  • Brazier.
  • Parasols.
  • Log chair.
  • Picnic chairs (Oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, jungle and birch).
  • Picnic tables (Oak, spruce, dark oak, acacia, jungle and birch).
  • Tall torches.

Pets(more content on next version):

  • Cat scratching trees.
  • Pet bowls.


  • Functional presents (You can put a note with a tag)
  • Decorative presents.
  • 9 decorations for christmas trees.
  • Customizable christmas trees.

How to get them:

All blocks and items are NOW on creative menu.



To make the skylanterns fly, you have to use a flint and steel.




Select version for changelog:

  • Added pets section.
  • Added all chairs colors.
  • Added kitchen decoration.
  • All blocks are now on creative menu.
  • Added customizable christmas trees.
  • Removed Home+ Addon UI.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Translation bugs fixed.
  • Added three plushies.
  • Added christmas section.
  • Added halloween section.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Pinned comment
Hey!! Due to 1.18.10 update many blocks are bugged, to fix this download Block-Geo Fixer addon, I'm working on a new update to fix this soon, I hope you enjoy!! :)
Craft1user_roblox May 21, 2022 at 12:44 am
In 1.18.31 the all textures is broken
Hey!! Due to 1.18.10 update many blocks are bugged, to fix this download Block-Geo Fixer addon, I'm working on a new update to fix this soon, I hope you enjoy!! :)
Craft1user_roblox May 21, 2022 at 12:47 am
Can I get link for Block-Geo Fixer add-on?
This comment has been removed
Hey im in and the only existing items in my creative menu are the duck floats and the skylamp how chould I get the other items? if you reply, thanks
For everyone else who loves this mod but because of the recent update, textures have been buggy/ just show up as blocks: I found this addon that helps and has fixed my game completely ( well except for the creative menu, but when placed they work! :D) here is the link you can also just search block geo/geo fixer on the mcpedl website - the one I'm posting this comment on- i hope this helps everyone. creator maybe pin this if you get more comments about the textures being glitchy :) PS - please make sure to credit the original creator and post many encouraging comments on their post of this geo fixer!!! :D thank you TazaMakeThings and mind.sh4ke for these amazing addons :) have a great day!!!
OOH ALSO!!! an important tip when using the mod. when applying mods onto your game, please make sure the geo mod is at the top of all of them in the active section and that you have ticked the additional features section (idk what specific ones to tick from that section but to be safe I generally just tick them all) otherwise it will not work !!!:)
This comment has been removed
Since the update on February 10th, the mod has been very buggy. I really hope you are able to fix this since I have a world that means a lot to me with this addon.
Thank you.
Hola espero que repondas lo antes posible el link de rp no me funciona me lleva a la pagina principal de link vertise y creo que dice indefinido :((
Y por cierto se ve muy bueno el addon 4 estrellas por que no me da el link aunque no sea tu culpa :v
Gran mod espero la actualización con ansias 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯
Since the last update 1.18.10, a lot of the decoration is buggy, It's a very good addon, it would be great if you can fix it.
Having the same problem mine are just blocks 😔 great addon hope it gets fixed soon
Hi i have a question is it multiplayer friendly? Because i player with my sister and she said that all the furniture is pink and black textures but too me its normal so is this a glitch or something
She didn't download the textures It is multiplayer friendly.
i really don't know how to download the resource because only i activated it in my world but the players that joined can't download
Arteest_Ree_Oficial March 11, 2022 at 6:26 pm
Did you enable "require players accept resource packs to join"? Most often people who join don't download the resource/behavior packs, thus making them unable to see the things. I'd make sure everyone downloads them, it should help your problem!❤
10/10, I made a whole pizzeria with this! KEEP IT UP! Btw yes i do recommend this!
Is there a reason why I can't upload this to my realm? :( I've been trying and trying but I cant do it
Absolutely love this entire pack. Can't wait to try out the update; I know it'll be awesome too! Thank you so much.