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Published on February 17, 2021 (Updated on February 19, 2021)

Honey Slimes Addon

Have you ever thought that it doesn't make sense that Honey Slimes aren't in the game yet? Well, this addon adds them in. There is also some items that you can get from the Honey Slime to help you survive! Read all about it here.


Honey Slime - This is the main part of the addon. The Honey Slime shoots Honey Potions at you which explode and has Dragon's Breath in it! The Honey Slimes drop Honeyballs, which are very useful. They have a 35% chance to spawn in Flower Forests. They have been retextured in V2! Spawn this mob at your own risk...

Pillager/Villager Bee - These mobs behave the exact same way as normal Villagers and Pillagers but the Pillager Bees hold Sticky Bows and the Villager Bees have different trades! They spawn litterally everywhere.


Honeyball - The Honeyball is a very useful item dropped by Honey Slimes. This sticky item can craft a Honey Block. You just need 9 Honeyballs to craft it!

Fake Honeyballs - These items are half Slimeball, half Honeyball! You can use this to prank your friends!

Crystalised Honey - This item was originally planned to make it's way into the game but never did, and I brought it back! It can be put on a campfire to make slimeballs and it can make a sticky pickaxe! It can be obtained by putting a Honeycomb Block in a furnace.

Royalcomb - The Royalcomb is a food item. When you eat it, it gives you Jump Boost, Speed and Strength II! It is also used to craft the ultimate Royalcomb Pickaxe!


Honey Potions - The Honey Potions are a projectile that is thrown by a Honey Slime. It explodes and has Dragon's Breath inside! You can now use it to cause destruction and fly!

Sticky Bow/Arrow - This bow can hurt an entity and give it Resistance at the same time! Pillager Bees hold these bows and they deal so much damage that you get killed with resistance.


Sticky Pickaxe - This Pickaxe gives you mining Fatigue II when it's held and makes it insanely annoying to mine with. It is also very small! You need Sticks and Crystalised Honey to make it.

Royalcomb Pickaxe - This is the best OP item ever, so OP that it can break the unbreakable! (Bedrock, Barriers ect.) It is crafted with 2 Sticks and 3 Royalcomb. This will probably be the first thing you try out!

That's All For Now!

Hopefully you enjoy my addon. If you do, check out my channel, JediGamerPlayz. Here is the showcase/update videos of this addon!

(Note: This only works for Android)

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Retextured Honey Slimes! (Credit to FOXYTEEN13 for that idea!)

Added Sticky Bows/Arrows, Fake Honeyballs, Royalcomb and Royalcomb Pickaxes!

Honey Slimes now spawn in Flower Forests, not Swamps. (Credit to Tixel22 for that idea!)

Honey Potions are no longer unobtainable!


1. Click the link and it'll download instantly!

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How do you get the royalcomb?
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Pillager Bees Drop Royalcomb When They Are Killed So To Get Royalcomb You Are Going To Have To Battle A Pillager Bee Or Get It Out Of Your Creative Inventory.
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The textures are good and everything id fine but can you make the honney slimes spawn in flower forests pls because it looks a bit weird to see a yellow slime in a dark biome.
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I Have Done That For The Next Update! Thanks For The Suggestion!
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Make Sure You Enable Experimental Gameplay Options! (Holiday Creator Features, Modding Capabilities)
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Hold up why would u make a pick that u cant mine with. Good addon tho
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I Did That Because I Was Going To Add Another Pickaxe In The Next Update. It Is Supposed To Be The Best Pickaxe In The Game!
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Better dont do that because now it fits perfectly into vanilla
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Update the textures
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