How to Train Your Dragon v.0.0.7 By SPM

How to Train Your Dragon will be a new addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which will have most of the franchise's dragons.

In this alpha we want you to be our testers and report us any bugs or code suggestions for our first dragon here on our Discord (we'll see if it can be added or fixed or not)

Domestic, Care, Ride, Fly and fight with your favorite dragon

Will you be a good viking?

Find out by downloading our new project

Credit by:

Williams behavior developer

Cesar Resource Developer

Find out more on our Discord and future updates

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This addon was created by STUDIOS POCKET MODS 

Dragon model designs and textures are based on the DreamWorks film How To Train Your Dragon

The designs do not belong to us, only the models and files of this addon

The following terms of use apply to the plugin:You cannot modify the files and upload them publicly.

You are responsible for any leaks that may occur.You may not re-upload the plugin on external pages without my permission. 

This includes add-on/mod pages, marketplaces, apps, Mincraft CHINA and other related sites.

Posting the direct download link is considered to reload the plugin.

You may not reupload or republish the plugin files or any of its contents (such as code).

You cannot claim the plugin as your own.

If you want to use this plugin in your videos, you have to give proper credits.

It is reiterated that all rights belong to their respective creators, and these terms are accepted by obtaining and/or using this Minecraft addon.

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Changes in 0.0.7

It was added

+Stormcutter dragon

+Gronckle dragon

+Deadly Nadder Dragon

-Monstrous Nightmare dragon

-More particles

-New Projectile

-Gronckle function

-More hidden features

-Bug fixes


Changes in 0.0.5

It is added

+Night Fury Dragon

+Sand Wraith Dragon

+Night Terror Dragon

-New projectile for each dragon 

-added particles

-smooth animations

-change in eyes

-Improvement in behaviors

-Now you can cure dragons with salmon

-many bugs fixed

-Links easier to cross

-Fixed some data on the page 


Supported Minecraft versions

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Can you add dragon eggs too??? it would definitely add even more life to this.
Can you add light fury?
Cómo puedo generar un furia nocturna con 150 puntos de salud domesticable
It would be great if they added Hiccup's sword and armor.
Actualize esto porfavor
Cuál es la probabilidad que me salga un furia nocturna con 150 de salud
Get the discord back up plz
Plz get the discord back
sucks that its freaking premium
add the skill and bewilderbeast please and make them tameable and then more dragons but can you try theses first?
Olá queria saber vão atualizar e trazer mas espécies de dragões no mod
I loved this mod, but I wish there were more species of dragon even though there aren't many species, this mod is my favorite
it didn't import at all
how do you tame them