Humanoid Terrors

Have you ever wanted to see monsters from movies and myths in your world? This add-on will give you this opportunity.Adding monsters from movies and myths to minecraft.Such as: Wendigo, Rake, Alien, Siren head.

HP:150.   Attack:28

Wendigo – this monster from mythology is represented by the spirit of terrible hunger.

HP:80.    Attack:8

A rake is a creature that appears in small settlements.

HP:120.     Attack:14

Alien is a monster from films that are not needs an introduction.

HP:180.     Attack:20

Siren Head this monster also needs no introduction, everyone knows that now it is very popular

HP:100.    Attack:20

It doesn’t need an introduction either.

HP:120           Attack:14

A predator a monster that has appered in numerous movies and hates Alien.

HP:160.      Attack:20

Monster from the movie a quiet place

HP:150.    Attack:20

Future Predators were shown in the film Primeval..

HP:20.       Attack:4

Monster of African mythology.

HP:500.   Attack:60

Kajju 5 category Raijin from the movie Pacific Rim 2. In fashion, it is presented as a boss.

Added an element that will spawn around the world.

The Fault Creator is necessary for creating bosses. So far, there is no way to get it in survival.

All trophies that can be obtained from mobs.

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Add 7 monster

Add 1 boss

Add 1 secret mob


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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76 Responses

4.94 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

    I would like Cartooncat Brige worm long horse big Charlie country road creature bonesworth.

  2. ILikeRustySpoons says:


  3. payten sharks says:

    here have five stars

  4. TheSpy1412 says:

    The addon is amazing but plis add Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

  5. ReoKimura says:

    maybe you could add some items, like the Predator/Yautja’s mask that you can wear and their wrist blade
    the alien/xenomorph’s tail that you can craft with a stick to make a spear,
    curse meat from a wendigo that can turn the player into a wendigo,
    maybe add werewolves and later the ability to become one.
    and some other creatures and items, like cartoon cat, jason, freddy krouger and their items
    and later on you could add the sound they make, just to add the terror in Humanoid Terrors.
    no need to rush if its too much to ask but do keep up the good work.

  6. Guest-4349244016 says:

    I think you should add a ummm you know something that can allow one to transform into a wendigo example wendigo cursed meat

  7. Guest-1726755768 says:

    Add bridge worm

  8. alessandre says:

    You can add the creature from pitch black’s ridick movie

  9. Avian Crux says:

    The fact that this took you a week to update and add 7 mobs is amazing

  10. Guest-1747213731 says:

    Can someone tell me why the zip file doesn’t work I can’t open it in documents either. Someone help!!!!

  11. Guest-1733094704 says:

    Can you make the robot thing from that cabin in the woods scene?

  12. Guest-5493790560 says:

    Will you make a Primeval mod?

  13. MrVolt says:

    Dear users of this addon I unfortunately do not know how to coding sounds

    • alessandre says:

      Asu that’s the only thing missing for it to be my good sound and animation as attack and move the head and camunar on 4 legs and terrifying sounds like home

    • alessandre says:

      I also congratulate you, friend, great job, you are the best friend, just look for someone to help you in the aninacion and sounds and more life, put on it and great work, congratulations, friend

    • Guest-6057011802 says:

      MrVolt do you think you could add the terminator to the Addon no rush just a suggestion if you don’t i understand making good addons is hard.

    • Stick Boy says:

      Oof, maybe you can find another addon creator to help you out? this addon is becoming really good and that’s the one thing the addon is missing, I suggest find another creator who is willing to help, overall good addon and I hope it gets better!

  14. Guest-3535431144 says:

    hello there is there a way you can add a thing from a movie called griever its from maze runner and if you dont know what they are just search up the name and it should pop up what the grievers look like and i think it would be pretty cool if you would add the griever’s

  15. Guest-8333055863 says:

    Ink demen is in ths its bendy is the secret boss

  16. Guest-2816870949 says:

    Add more pacific rim kaijus pls it’s one of my favorite movies and I love the first movies kaijus so pls add otachi and scunner etc

  17. Guest-7194356266 says:

    Add sounds to the mobs

  18. Guest-3491738006 says:

    Wont work on realms 🙁

  19. Namelees says:

    Yeah nice addon. But can you increase the health dude? To make it more challenging 👌👍👍

  20. ValeriyBro12 says:

    Can we add new humanoid mob CARTOON CAT. Please add new nob or new addon Cartoon Cat. Please add new mob I want this mob cartoon cat

  21. TheBlickUnkown17 says:

    I really love this Addon but can you Use A Sound

  22. tekken says:

    THANK GOD! I finally killed all the evil mobs and also the siren head look so creepy I screamed when he hit me

  23. Guest-3696296726 says:

    I thought rake was supposed 096 when I first looked at it

  24. Guest-4056814439 says:

    Can you make the alien and take and the wendigo wonder without a target

  25. Guest-5419953616 says:

    TBH the health and damage should be changed… but the textures r awesome!
    This is what I think would be more accurate…
    Rake: health 100 attack 5
    Alien: health 120 attack 9
    Siren Head: health:1000 attack:18
    Wendigo: health infinite attack 10

  26. Guest-3940844476 says:

    Add the Titan monster from Pacific Rim uprising and add Cartoon Dog and add the quiet place monster and add country road creature and add light head

  27. Guest-5839159504 says:

    Can you make the rake spawn in the swamp please. That’s where it actually lives.

  28. Guest-4418097910 says:

    It’s the Zenormorph not alien. I think you mistook because of the movie’s title.

  29. XiShNiK2124 says:

    Sorry, there won’t be any new textures, but there will be different kinds of

  30. Styles2278 says:

    Awesome addon! I suggest some more things like the few and a bit of feedback… First please “ADD” the Sasquatch / Bigfoot and the Yeti ,Mothman ,Goatman. For Trevor Henderson creatures please add Long horse and Cartoon Cat. And lastly The Predator!!! I think that the suggestions I’ve given are a great idea for the next update! Please add this and again this is an awesome addon!

  31. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Wow, very cool addon.😃 Waiting for new mobs. And please use the direct link, don’t use adfly or linkvertise, thanks

  32. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    This addon is very cool, I have some suggestions:
    -More hp and damage(kills you in 1 shot) for Siren Head, it would make sense because he is huge
    -The Rake should be a little bit smaller, have bigger eyes and when he chases you he should be in 4 legs
    -Adding better walking animations for the mobs, and also adding some sounds

  33. Guest-6754473456 says:

    Pls make siren head bigger and have more animation

  34. Guest-4208197373 says:

    I like this add-on can you please update it with cartoon cat bridge worm and siren head black

  35. Guest-3365794123 says:

    You should add goatman and the terminator t 800 endoskeleton

  36. Guest-1273314550 says:

    Add moth man please

  37. steeeep chicken says:

    Hey i know this isn’t a humanoid creature but can you add the maze runner griever’s i think that would be pretty cool.

  38. Guest-7593047387 says:

    Can u add look see here

  39. Guest-7264089908 says:

    Add new texture for wendigo please, improve it. Anyway good addon

  40. Guest-1354967949 says:

    I’m not saying you have to just a suggestion but do you think you could add the terminator I think you are making amazing content continue the good work.

  41. Guest-3551912749 says:

    Make siren head animation hand and cosume

  42. Guest-5508981590 says:

    i got some ideas: adding the predator and the predator can only harm Xenos Players Etc idk how it will work with the predator sport thing unless u make it they got to be attacked first or bad bloods

    maybe jason? idk if he will make sense here

    siren head needs sounds etc

    cartoon cat

    maybe custom drops take example from the predator idea i had you kill the predator theres a chance he drops his blades or plasma cannon

    thats like all the ideas i had

  43. Guest-4622941201 says:

    Agrega a Lick, Billy puppet y Jeff the killer. Exelente complemento

  44. Guest-2087228558 says:

    Can u make Cerberus the three headed dog and please make him tameable because in the underworld he only attacks if someone tries to break in or break out

  45. Guest-7106479631 says:

    I wanna ask if you can add like somebody said more entities but how about there own attacks and unique behaviors. And maybe add custom structures like for Alien/Xenomorph add a abandoned facility, or for the Wendigo a cave for it to stay in with some skulls! Other than that this mod is amazing for expanding the survival experience!

  46. Guest-9237448827 says:

    This is great no doubt

  47. Guest-9426554931 says:


  48. Guest-7219233382 says:

    Who do these mobs have the same characteristics.

  49. M.M.16 player says:

    Add: scp 096 cartoon cat slenderman

  50. Red Fan says:

    So they all have 50 hearts of health?

  51. Guest-1231291040 says:

    The rake? Looks alot like SCP-096. Even with the white eyes making it blind.

  52. Guest-7754681594 says:

    maybe add custom sounds? eitherway great addon!

  53. Guest-4426222447 says:

    Best add-on ever!

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