Icy PvP Pack – 32x

Icy PvP Pack

I had been using several different texture packs on and off for a while, none really particularly right for me so i decided to make one on my own…
This Texture Pack is a mashup pack of 3 main texture packs:
  • Epaxial 50K 16&32x
  • BedlessNoob 15K 256x
  • Rainbow Eclipse 16x
  • And some textures designed by Me

Texture Pack Thrives in Bedwars, Skywars, Duels, etc. (PvP)

Pack GUI

As I have been using Astral Client for a long while now (V6.1 – Go check it out), I felt there was’nt a need for a Custom Homescreen or Pausescreen. I strongly Suggest using Astral Client


This Pack can be Downloaded on:
  • PC and Windows
  • Xbox, PS4,and Switch


The Textures For Blocks are mainly a nice and clean 16x, featured on many other packs aswell.

The items such as tools and pvp stuff are in 32x **SEE ABOVE**.

The skies are from the 256x bedlessnoob pack which are very nice.




If You have any suggestions please leave them in the MCPEDL comments section I will try to answer as many as i can…


I have chosen, for your sake, to use a media fire download link as it is quick, safe and easy. (15 seconds max)

Changelog View more
I have added some more information on the textures i used for certain Things in the pack, I added a download tutorial, and finally i changed some mediafire setting to add a ios and android download comparability. Hope this is good :).


I have chosen, for your sake, to use a media fire download link as it is quick, safe and easy. (15 seconds max), I added a display of the skies at daytime and night time, 


Supported Minecraft versions



128x 16x 256x 32x 64x

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

29 Responses

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  1. ProCreeper says:

    How did you make your manifest?

  2. UYLJ says:

    Hello! I really love the mashup, its excellent. however could u send me the girl skin u used on the thumbnail? i’ve been trying to search for it. I would be very thankful (my gmail: Add the @ or just give me something where i can contact u

  3. onegeria says:

    also for nether you should try and use textures from blue volt pvp pack

  4. Betaiscool says:

    Bruh this pack was made my emmalynpacks dont steal her packs u dont even work for it u just stole it i cant people actually fall for this stupid thing (no the pack but the creator)

  5. transferitalian says:

    creator when creating this pack:

    “I guess I’ll do it myself…”

  6. Dadar says:

    I likethe texture pack but is there netherite cause i havent downloaded it yet

  7. Dadar says:

    Does this have netherite textures

  8. Any ideas on what the next mashup pack should be??

  9. Great PvP texture packs! definitly gonna use it

  10. Eimrxn says:

    lmao epexial texture pack I see.

  11. onegeria says:

    i like the pack but as you said you use astral as you use the pack saddly i play console and have this pack using global and i cant have both so do you think you can try and add your pwn version of it it doesnt need to go all out like astral

  12. danetck says:

    hey can someone tell me what to do after i download it? im kinda new to PC minecraft and am confused. i looked in global recources and it wasnt there

    • After you download it from media fire if it doesn’t show up there may be an error in where your resource packs are stored. For me it is %appdata% -> local -> games -> com.mojang -> resource_packs… You may have to copy the file into there. Hope that helps??

  13. essetrouxaaqui17 says:

    The fact that it doesn’t have an link is already wonderful. Along with the texture, IT’S PERFECT !! 156905787989898678907908/10 !!

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