Imposter Addon 1.16+

Imposter is an addon that adds the ability to blend in to mobs wearing a mob head! This makes it easier to sneak around your foes! But don't attack them or they will see through your disguise!

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But there is a catch! Because monsters see you as one of their own so does iron and snow golems!

This addon can be helpful in places like:

The overworld at night:

Piglin and Piglin Brutes in the nether:

Wanting to have a staring contest with an Enderman and still having full vision:



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I have decided not to do exclusive content for my patron do to my inconsistent schedule

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Suggestion: When you wear the Wither Skeleton skull, Piglins will attack you.
the only issue ive been noticing is that the iron golem attacks creeper heads :P
hey that sounds epic
Ive been lookign for a mod like this for agesssss!!!! Tysm for making this my friends and i use it in every world we play in for survivl cuz its that good pls make more stuff plssssssss!!!!!