Published on November 12, 2021 (Updated on December 29, 2021)

Improved Netherite Tools

Tired that despite having been mining in the nether for a long time in search of netherite, your tools of this material look simple and as if they were dirty? (I doubt anyone thinks that).
So, stop suffering, because with this texture pack, your netherite tools will only stop looking simple, changing their appearance a bit to make up for the hours you spent looking for netherite.

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The description was changed due to a mistake in this one.


  • Improved_Netherite_Tools.mcpack (1011.63 KB)

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what texture style is this?
I don't know, it was the first texture pack I made, it was an experiment, I also did it in less than a day, I didn't have any style in mind because I did the first thing that occurred to me xd
This is amazing! Congratulations on a wonderful job, it's still perfect 32x32, can you do that with all the armor and tools in the game? Something so amazing with a resolution of 32x32.
Woah a Blade, Battle Axe, Grace Digger’s Shovel, and a Scythe!