Published on June 11, 2021 (Updated on July 03, 2021)

Infinite Dungeons V Download

Infinite Dungeons V is a Multiplayer PvP and PvE map where you go and fight monsters, bosses, explore caves, create custom items and gear, and so much more. This world is based off the realm I run.

These are some of the areas that you can go and explore in!

Ashland: This is the main city that you spawn in where you can buy from shops, craft your own custom items and gear, convert your money and other things too!

Mt. Weather: This is another city that they players can go and explore.

Basic Caves: These cave are made in a way that it's hard to travel and many mobs spawn there.

The Nether Caves: These are more difficult caves where the player may have a harder time exploring.

If you help on how to do certain things, go and watch this video, it tells you everything that you may need to know!

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  • 2 New Bosses were added into the caves
  • New items to craft
  • New areas of the caves to explore


It's a MCWorld so just tap the link and it should automatically open the game for you and then you can play!


  • Infinite_Dungeon_V_Download_v1.2.mcworld (1.26 MB)
  • Infinite_Dungeons_V_World_Download.mcworld (986.92 KB)

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Can you update the Discord server link?
The map is good, it's just veerryyy laggy on the realm
Thank you guys so much for downloading the world!