Published on January 15, 2024 (Updated on February 09, 2024)

Infuse SMP Addon

This function pack makes it so when you die, you get a negative potion effect, and when you kill someone you get a positive potion effect. This is inspired by a Minecraft Java server, and is done entirely without scripts. This means that it will work through almost any Minecraft update! However, it does use player.json so you will not be able to use it with other addons that use player.json.


You have to enable holiday creator features!

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Fixed the problem where killing would not give an effect


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please update I begggg youuu
hi was wondering if you could do a bliss Smp mod next
when you kill someone you do not get a positive effect but they get a negative sorry if I’m being demanding
Hello! I absolutely love this addon, it adds a nice twist to vanilla survival. I would like to point out that the kill mechanic does not currently work, however the /function still does, so the mod still half works. I rated four stars for only that reason. Thank you!
Thank you for the feedback. I forgot to include a part of the code, and that broke the kill detector. I have fixed it, but this update will require holiday creator features for the addon to work.
When you kill someone you dont get a good effect