Island Disaster Survival

Island Disaster Survival is a multiplayer game where you and your friends are placed in a map and have to make it through a round without being killed by a disaster. Victorious players will be awarded 1 point.

There are 15 maps and disasters.

Here is a brief description of the disasters:

1. Meteor Shower: TNT will rain down from the sky

2. Lava Flood: Lava will slowly fall from the sky

3. Creeper Rain: Creepers will fall down around the map

4. Pufferfish Party: Poisonous pufferfish will dance around the map

5. Acid Rain: The rain will break blocks and hurt you if you’re out in the open

6. Black Hole: End portals will be placed all around the map

7. Fang Frenzy: Evoker Fangs will pop up around the map

8. Geysers: Stone blocks will be placed around the map, stepping on it will throw you into the air

9. The Wither: The Wither Boss will spawn in the map

10. Oil Spill: Fire will flood the map

11. Quicksand: Red sand will fall from the sky, stepping on it will kill you

12. Earthquake: Blocks from the ground will break revealing lava below

13. Sink Hole: Blocks under your feat will begin to break until you fall into the lava below

14. Lightning Storm: Lightning will strike all around you

15. Zombie Hoard: Many zombies will spawn around the map

Survive in various places from a school to a fortress!

Changelog View more

Tweaked some diasasters

Updated cover image to look more like the original

Added in-game how-to/rule book

Fixed issues with multiple disasters

Changed the look of some maps

Updated the cover image

Added more categories


Supported Minecraft versions


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26 Responses

4.22 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Chazzo says:

    Acid rain: After first time played with, kills everyone at the same time around 20 seconds in, even if you aren’t exposed to rain, poisons and kills/effects people at the same time, all damage in intervals.
    Black Hole: If someone dies in it, half teleports to the end and teleports back instantly and freezes on building terrain(or whatever the message is) or it will send you back and you will be stuck on Red death screen. My friends on console had to restart their entire consoles to get back in, and I had to restart my game on windows 10.
    Please fix these problems

  2. KnowingBadger says:

    I like it a lot but I feel like some of the disasters are a bit slow

  3. Anonymous says:

    You spelled feet wrong.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Make this 1.12

  5. Anonymous says:

    it says that a newer version of the game has saved this level

  6. charlie says:

    like the disaster buckets Minecraft pc mod

  7. charlie says:

    like the disaster buckets Minecraft pc mod

  8. SparkThunder05 says:

    This map is really fun, and is a great challenge for everyone.

  9. sopley says:

    map can restart?

  10. Pela papas says:

    El mejor mapa de desastres naturales una pregunta:cuántos jugadores mínimo?

  11. Batata Douce says:

    Is this map inspired by Roblox’s Natural Disaster Survival?

  12. Anonymous says:


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