jesser101's Tutorial World! v1.2 - (x30 Helpful Command Block Creations!)

Welcome to jesser101's Tutorial World! In this world, there are currently x30 Command Block creations. As well as there being command block creations in this world, there is also a video on my youtube channel called jesser101, which explains all of the tutorials more in-depth. This map will be updated every 10 command block tutorials - so look out for future updates!

Here is an overview of the current map:


Here are some examples of the tutorials - up close!

Custom NPC Shop!

Money Transferring System!

Cursed Mobs! (e.g. dyeable wolves)


Tutorial World Showcase Video:

This map was made by jesser101!


YouTube Channels:

Discord Servers:

List of the Current Tutorials

#1 - Auto-Smelt

#2 - Remove Player Offline

#3 - Money Transferring System

#4 - Custom NPC Shops

#5 - One Player Sleep System

#6 - Randomised Chest Loot

#7 - Cursed Mobs

#8 - Custom Floating Text (outdated tutorial)

#9 - Custom Ranks

#10 - /sudo (tellraw)

#11 – Server Crates

#12 – Player Tracking Compass

#13 – Custom Portals

#14 – Floating Signs

#15 – Auto-Refilling Chests

#16 – Particle Trails

#17 – Spawn Protection

#18 – Chest Shops

#19 – Clickable NPCs

#20 – Customisable Scoreboards

#21 – Throwable Fireballs

#22 – Custom Advancements

#23 – Sharpness 1000

#24 – Fortune 1000

#25 – /give NBT Items

#26 – Joining/Starter Kits

#27 – Lagg Clearer System

#28 – Scoreboard Timer

#29 – Stop Time

#30 – Tree Capitator

Select version for changelog:


Tutorial World v1.2 Update

  • Added x10 Now tutorials
  • Maps Improvements and minor bug fixes 


1. Download the map file using any of the links.

2. Open the downloaded mcworld file for the map to automatically install into the game!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Thanks for the guide, personally, I am ok at commands, hence the name, but a lot of these I did NOT know. Great guide anyways!
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rating because
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I jesser101 please unban me from your discord servers I won't break the rules this time because last time I did not read them. My username is Preston Bro Gaming#0850.
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Dude, I love your mods because I ran upon your youtube channel when I searched "how to get Minecraft java advancements in mcpe" like dude you are AWSOME it was great and I don't wanna download this but just wanna say keep it up!
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This is the best tutorial world ever!!! This can help me in my map thanks a lot
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One suggestion can u add tutorials on how to make NPC's like the hive,how to change the skins of the NPC,etc.
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