John Barrys Wild Ride

Note you may have seen other maps titled this by me they don’t work as i used an Xbox to upload them.

John Barry Wild Ride is an epic adventure of a man in his mid to late forties on a quest to find his wife Rachel after getting kidnapped by a mysterious faction of unknown origin also kidnapping him but luckily the prison guard was on something? 

He must run and run some more and maybe even more running and fighting because hes wife has been kidnapped and is being held at an undisclosed location 

But after two years he gives up but after going on a date but he finds a lead

This is John Barry’s Wild Ride™

john barry’s wild ride part 2 is in development stay tuned for teasers and a trailer

also here’s a trailer for this map

for those looking to download this one

The expansive world of john barrys wild ride

John Barrys Wild Ride is all about action survival stamina reactions and skill

Much skill is required to conquer this map you must know how to fight against guys with crossbows and explosives and to run as fast as possible 

The world is most detailed with magnificent complex dialogue and advanced architecture 

There is hope helpful shopkeepers will aide with armour weapons utilities and food

So what are you waiting for give this map a download lets see if you can master this Wild Ride.

Changelog View more

added announcement for sequel and a video for the map 

made description more detailed and juicy and fixed some grammar errors

what do you want from me ive made it detailed 

made a more detailed submission like the brief introduction its better


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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