Kevinland Returns: Return of the Kevin

This is a class based, co-op, arena battle game where the aim is to complete the campaign in as few attempts as possible.

The campaign is a series of arenas, followed by a boss fight. Each time the campaign is played, the arenas and game modes will be randomised. After each level, enemies become stronger and the the next map is likely to be more challenging, however completing levels reward XP, which you can spend on upgrades for your classes, or for powerful abilities.

=====   Welcome to KEVINLAND RETURNS: RETURN OF THE KEVIN!   =====

===>   5 Classes  |  6 Game-Modes  |  7 Arenas  |  8 Difficulties  |  14 Abilities  |  A Lot of Upgrades  |  Co-Op! 

The ability system allows players to dramatically affect the battle. Abilities range from healing teammates and friendly mobs, freezing enemies in place, creating huge explosions, or a pet wolf that has it's own abilities! Abilities can be upgraded to reduce their cooldown, or increase their power.

To beat an arena, the main objective must be completed. This objective depends on which of the 6 game modes is selected:

  1. Elimination - Defeat 5 armoured captains.
  2. Conquest - Capture all 4 command posts on the map.
  3. Target throw - Throw a snowball at a target 5 times.
  4. Guardian - Keep a villager alive for 5 minutes.
  5. Elimination, Conquest, Target Throw - defeat armoured captains, or throw snowballs at the target 10 times. Double your XP if all command posts are captured!
  6. Elimination, Guardian, Target Throw - defeat armoured captains, or throw snowballs at the target 10 times. Double your XP if the villager survives!

The final campaign level is on it's own map with custom objectives and a final boss to defeat.

===>   Revive Mechanics  |  Custom Enemies  |  Interactable Level Design  |  High Score Tracker

The whole game exists as a single bedrock world. Only command blocks were used, no data-packs, behaviour-packs or any code required!

Super easy install, it's just a Minecraft world!

Learn the commands used to make the game, or change it! Have fun and experiment!


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Fixed a bug where the player starts in creative mode


you will be given a zipped folder called

Extract this folder to where your Minecraft worlds are stored. For PC this is most likely: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds


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Abilities are not working, it is just an item, how can I fix this?
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