Kevinland Returns: Return of the Kevin

This is a class based, co-op, arena battle game where the aim is to complete the campaign in as few attempts as possible.

The campaign is a series of arenas, followed by a boss fight. Each time the campaign is played, the arenas and game modes will be randomised. After each level, enemies become stronger and the the next map is likely to be more challenging, however completing levels reward XP, which you can spend on upgrades for your classes, or for powerful abilities.

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Abilities now working in all languages.

Ender pearl for Mage now replaces last item in hot bar instead of second to avoid overwriting ability item.



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Nice Map
When update
All abilities are working for all languages!
great job you should be really happy for yourself. been able to create such an great map
Abilities are not working, it is just an item, how can I fix this?
Abilities should be fixed now for everyone!
Could you please say which item is not working? is it on all maps?
Thank you