Published on July 08, 2020 (Updated on August 22, 2020)

KIT's Addon Version 2

Have you ever wanted something to give you things or build a house, if so, this addon is for you! Yes, a craft set or structure and right-click to activate it! the object will give you important resources or build a house, farm or mine. This add-on is suitable for Modifield minecraft or normal survival.

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repair bugs and adden 4 new items (2 kits ,2 structures) , new animation items in hand


  • KIT's behavior_v2.mcpack
  • KIT's texture_v2.mcpack
  • KITs-behavior_1594228975.mcpack
  • KITs-texture_1594228975.mcpack

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Really good mod, 13/10, would bluescreen from discord again
hej kámo to je mega hustý
yes thanks, maybe I'm updating this mod and I need you to write a comment what structure or kit I should add
I did all things it said to do like add the texture and the behavior and put experimental gameplay on and tried to craft it but nothing happened and I tried to use the /function command and nothing. Please tell me whats going on
Its the same person again for some reason it did not let me add the behavior and it worked after I added it.
I'm sorry, I can't log in, so the comment is superimposed on the author (me)