Published on October 01, 2023 (Updated on October 23, 2023)

Kittys SkyGen Map V3.0 Major Update!!

Fully Working Skygen, With Auto Gens, A Bank, Kits Shop, Potions Shop, Items Shop, A Crates Shop, Custom Sounds, Custom UI's Custom Holograms, CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES ARENA, And Way More!!!  Everything should be ready for you and your friends to start playing And Building! 

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  • Added Kittys Mobile and VIP Rank
  • Added Custom Sounds
  • Added Custom Textures
  • Remade Crafting UI
  • Added Another Arena Spleef
  • Remade Bank
  • Redone The Addon Pack As One 
  • Added Some Structure Load Options For Commands Room
  • Fixed Issue With Starter Gens Area Players Getting Stuck In Waterfall
  • Fixed Issue With Bank Players Could Get Unlimited Money If They Used Hacks 
  • Added Zombies Commands Room 
  • Added Second Scoreboard For Zombies 
  • Modified Zombies To Track Players Long Distances 
  • Fully Tested Map In Discord No Known Issues!!!!


  • Added 2 New Shops VIP Shop, Zombies Arena Beta
  • Added More Holograms
  • Added Custom Ui


  • Added 3 New Shops Items Shop, Potions Shop, Trails shop
  • Added More Holograms
  • Added Particle Effects


  • No Changes Done Map Is Ready For Public Download An Use!
  • Added Security And Holograms
  • Updated Links!


  • Added Crates
    Fix Commands
  • Updated Links!


  • No Changes Done Map Is Ready For Public Download An Use!
  • Added More Info To The Map
  • Updated Links!



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can you add the download again because it's not there for me
Nice approach on the thousands of Skygen maps out there. You even went as far as adding custom-made UIs and sounds. That's dedication right there. Keep it up!
ty ty i tried to get a bit of everything in it
I uh, downloaded from both links but when I go to the world its chaotic, its like, commands are spamming in the chat and uh yeah. It's kinda like it's already a finished gameplay.
it should be okay i just tested it??
did you remove the download
you should make a kit pvp next