Kiwi Add-On

This add-on adds new bird in Minecraft, that will be spawns in jungles – kiwi! You can tame them and using for meat. Time to review it, and add new mobs!

Beta , added in MCPE a lot of new features. It also added pandas, that makes jungles, more living. But I think, that jungles still empty. So I made New Zeland native – kiwi.

Kiwi’s generals.

  1. Spawns in jungles.
  2. Avoid ocelots and foxes.
  3. Tameable with using sweet berries.
  4. Has 8 health points (wild) and 20 health points (tame).
  5. Attacks silverfishes.
  6. Neutral.
  7. Has custom sounds.

Kiwi meat and feathers:

New items, that drops from kiwies. You can also cook kiwi’s meat.

Here are some screenshots of kiwi.


  1. Download add-on
  2. Active in game
  3. Enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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8 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Guest-4861425993 says:

    This guy makes the most beautiful looking mob models. be it a whale, or a kiwi…

  2. medaboss06 says:

    Awesome for all the New Zealanders out there!

  3. Guest-7291940671 says:

    This is cool for all new Zealanders that play the game

  4. Guest-5940992763 says:


  5. Guest-8638532832 says:

    the texture needs to be more worked

  6. Guest-5171340845 says:

    That is the best mob model I have ever seen… It’s bootiful

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