Published on February 28, 2024 (Updated on May 14, 2024)

Knots & Ropes : Compatible Simple Rope Addon : Diversity Update

Exploring caves is one of the major point of Minecraft ! However, it's kinda sad to ruin all these caves by digging blocks to make stairs, don't you think ? Well, with Knots & Ropes, you can ally exploration and building pretty easily ! 

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Knots & Ropes : Diversity Update !

-Added Web Ropes and Web Ropes Coil !
-Added Vine Ropes and Vines Ropes Coil !
-Fixed the limit of extanding a rope from 7 blocks below to 15 blocks !
-Added a custom end at each end of ropes for a more aesthetical look !
-Changed the recipe of classic rope for a more logical one !


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Hi, I've encountered a bug where you can only stack/lower a rope about 7 blocks without placing them manually below it. It will just take the ropes your using as if it is working but won't do anything. Please fix this
I never actually saw a Knot in this addon
The only problem I see with this addon is that the ropes are crafted with sticks. I would use a mix of string and wheat to craft it instead.

And have leads craft significant amounts of rope.
yeah that makes a lot more sense than sticks
That a great idea ! I might change it to this in the next update ! I didnt think about this x)