Korean Alphabet Blocks for Education

Have you learned Korean? So, learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is essential, right? By the way, are you tired of learning Hangul? So, how about learning it in Minecraft? It's right here! 

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[ Features ]

• Summon Hangul consonant vowels as blocks. 

• When a block is placed, touched, or destroyed (survival mode only), a sound for each consonant is heard. 


[ Credit – Our Minecraft Space (OMS) ]

– iMasterProX ( Resource Pack )

– Moonlight Spirit Luna ( Behavior Pack, Resource Pack ) *Outsourcing



This add-on is only officially distributed on MCPE DL, MaMoCker, OMS, Addons for Minecraft (iOS, Android App).
The Korean audio used in this add-on is sourced from the National Institute of the Korean Language, and the audio file can be used under the conditions of Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 KR. 


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For more content inquiries and business partnerships with the OMS team, please contact [email protected]! (Only English and Korean are supported.)




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Creative Commons source stated (Audio File Only, CC BY-SA 2.0 KR. )


You have to turn on exparimental mode and education edition.

Please see the mcpe dl's installation guide.

But If you are iOS/iPadOS of iOS 13 or higher, Watch this guide video.



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