Published on April 24, 2023

Legaci City V.2

Welcome to Leagci City V.2! Were glad you enjoyed the first version but its time for version 2! this version includes Blue Oceans Int'l airport, but super upgraded, the city got many new towers and remodels, and new mods! As the owner of CMinor Productions, we hope you enjoy this map and have fun!

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This map is protected by a lot of command blocks so please don't mess with the world. 

change 1. Subways replaced with mincecarts

change 2. Stadium re-made 

change 3. City upgraded with new and replaced towers 

change 4. a lot of other little changes across Legaci City, enjoy! 

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Tangerine_Studios June 08, 2023 at 8:52 am
are the only mods texture packs. and if so, would it break he world if you took them away?
No, just there wont be any planes, or cars when you do. Feel free to take them pout and if it does crash you can download it again :) good day!
Team CMinor And Judeplays worked hard!