Published on September 18, 2021 (Updated on September 23, 2021)

Light Bulb Addon

Light Bulb is the new Light Block but you can break in survival mode. and easy way to craft it. you can use it the same as torch. I hope you like it ;D

New Updates!
Thank you very much miyuli for helping with some coding. UwU

Add particles to make the light bulbs easier to see.

The Light Bulb is as bright as a torch.

You can walk through it. like air block.

You can break it in survival mode or using piston.

You can craft it using.
5 Glass | 1 Glowstone | 1 Iron ingots

This addon is only uploaded at mcpedl.

You can bring my addon to play in your own smp, you can be reviewed.
This addon isn't support RTX

But do not claim the addon as your own.

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  • Crafting recipes have changed from torch only to glass, glowstone and iron ingots.
  • Add particles to make the light bulbs easier to see.


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You guys should know that this addon adds a breakable light block. The vanilla one can't be broken in survival
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Basically, anyone can put the recipe on the official "minecraft:light_block".
If you want people not to steal your work, considering put more effort into it, like adding texture and model.
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there is already something like this in vanilla called the light block in minecraft but ok
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you should make the crafting recipe 5 glass on the top, a torch in the middle, and a redstone dust under the torch
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It's just a craftable light-Block... But maybe if you add a texture and model, it will look nice :D
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