Published on September 19, 2023

Loot Chests: Chests and Mimics

Travel the world in search of loot chests! Random treasure chests that range from common to rare chests, they contain items that could be helpful to you!But watch out, some of these could be mimics as well! Will you be opening a chest full of loot, or be in for a surprise?

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Great mod, but i have a suggestion; add a settings slider that controls the spawn rate of loot chests, sometimes i feel the amount of chests are too op and i get diamond armor far too quick. other than that, amazing mod,8/10
Also, killing the mimics is far too easy. i suggest adding damage, health, and removing knockback so it’s harder to kill them, right now the knockback allows the mimic to be cheesed. I also suggest that that health, damage, and speed be scaled along with the rarity of the mimics,
)So the different rarities matches the spots in game progression (wooden/start, iron/middle, gold/endgame)