Lost Items

I think i lost the script that i need to describe this addon... 
Wait a minute, alright finally found it!

Unique Tools/Items that are helpful for survival?

Introducing the Lost Items!

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Added 3 Items [Blazer Pickaxe, Withered Sword & Echoes Pickaxe]

Improved the loots that rewards the items added by this addon



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I can't join the discord server
The bot screwed everything, now it should have been solved
I really like this addon. The two artifacts are pretty cool ideas and are over all very usesful, but the pearl doesn"t work exactly (Could just be me) theres no projectile and it doesn't teleport you. Also considering how all of the weapons are different sizes and shapes, you should adjust there range acording to there sizes as all of them have a range of like 5 blocks, and remove swing slow debuff from the Katana as its not as big as the other weapons with swing debuffs, and kinda aim at it to be a middle ground of the slow speed weapons and the fast speed ones, although id still keep the weakness to prevent from spamming to much. But overall this is a really nice addon and i love the models, keep up the good work man.
• The ancient pearl's projectile is indeed invisible and when you use it, keep holding the item until you teleport
• Custom attack range is not possible to make
• I don't do script yet, so the existing slow swing debuff effect is the only possible way to mimic the mechanic without it. Also the slow swing duration can only be in integers, not decimals
• Appreciate the cheers :)