Lumber Simulator (Sneak Peek)

Do you want to play a simulation game in minecraft? You are now in right place download it play lumber simulator. 

This game is need 4 players, invite friends and have fun. You need to take a log in trees and go to shop to sell it to earn money. Buy some axe and upgrade it for easily working. In early you this is hard but if you are rich. Buy plots to build your creation like houses,and buy some blocks

This game is not finish just a sneak peek. 

Don’t worry i will finish it. I you find some bug or not working command just comment below. Thank you download it right now i hope you like it


Changelog View more

I change everything i make it more detailed. I hope this is enough 


I change the description. I add a letters to make it detailed and i change the installation description i make it longer to make it detailed again and thats all. O hope you like it


if you downloaded the lumber simulator go to file manager then go to internal storage then find DOWNLOAD then you will see thr lumber simulator. Exract the lumber simulator zip, if you finish extracting the lumber simulator zip copy the folder and go back and find GAMES then go to COM.MOJANG then go to MINECRAFTWORLDS then paste it and finish. Launch your mcpe and play it right now i hope you like it.. 


Don't cheat             

Play in peaceful

Have fun

Play in survival mode


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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10 Responses

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  1. Sushank says:

    Why do you need 4 players?

  2. Guest-1554697127 says:

    Yes bro I loved your map. You want some help? My gamertag is MP862642 if you wanna add me

  3. PUBGGAMER_119299L says:

    Hey do you still need any help? I could help you

  4. Guest-7846934136 says:

    The diamond axe is 250 while the sign says 150 and the netherite axe too, it says 200 but it costs 300.

  5. Guest-2400183547 says:

    Needs 4 or up to 4 players?

  6. Guest-3227082669 says:

    Look like the thumbnail from SCMowns2 as the picture.

  7. Doenst working on 1.14 versions :/

  8. Guest-4817650502 says:

    That looks like an old youtuber I used to watch, what’s his name?

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