Published on June 21, 2020

Map Jam for Racial Justice

This map was created in 72 hours to raise funds for the NAACP LDF:

It is a "Tower Defence" minigame map where you defend a homebaked pie from wild animals.

Use snacks dropped from wild animals to buy turrets and items. Survive endless waves of animals and see what high score you can reach!


  • map_jam_1592677353.mcworld

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A nice message and a great map.
How do I know that it goes to what it says it does?
What is BLM im only five and I wanta now!!
You should make an animal crossing game but in Minecraft since your models are really good.???
BLM is a racist & fascist movement that is used to fund globalist schemes. The money funnels over to joe bidens campaign.
How is BLM a racist movement
Blm is against white people and calls for killing cops
So all white people are racist? ?
The funds raised go to the NAACP LDF, an established charity since 1909. Please don't spread misinformation on our post. BLM is not anti-white. It's anti-racist.
Yeah, minecraft does what fnte don't
"PETA Wants to know your location"
Me encanto, y fuese increíble que lo hagas un addon, es decir que los animalitos, la comida y las decoraciones sean un complemento y encerio es incteible el trabajo
Hola Vlady, si te miras un tutorial de youtube podes encontrar una forma de sacar las texturas del mundo y las podes usar en tu mundo. yo me descargó el mundo para eso :D
Just wondering. How does this relate to social injustice?
The theme of the map itself has nothing to do with it. The only goal with the map was to raise money for charity and complete it within 3 days. We decided a tower defence map would be fun to make, so that's what we went with :)
I dont really think the map itself has anything to do with social injustice. Its just that this map is used to fund the movement
Oh ok
This is amazing. And I'm happy to know that people in the Minecraft community care.
It is a bit hard even for two people, and it needs another tower but overall it is very fun to play for a little while it would be cool if you made more of this
awwww yay <3
This makes me happy knowing that the Minecraft community cares about my people,thanks guys you don’t understand just how happy this makes me.
Haven't played it yet, but it seems promising! Apart from that, really great to see that there are people in the MCPE community that is aware of this current situation, as well as funding the movement. Excellent work!