Published on September 25, 2021

Minecraft, But You Can Copy and Paste (Addon)

This is a challenge add-on that adds two new items into your game that allow you to copy and paste any block in the game including chest with all of there loot



-Make sure you have experimental features turned on


-To craft the copy stick you will need 3 sticks placed in this order

-To craft the paste stick you will need 3 sticks and 1 piece of dirt

Copy Stick: Will copy any block that you click on while holding this item

Paste Stick: Will paste any block that was copied anywhere you click on while holding it

-Some blocks like chest will require you to crouch in order to copy it

-Anything inside of a chest will also get copied



Supported Minecraft versions

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Podrías hacerlo para la versión 1.18.X?
I love this (sadly Mcpe still has HeroBrine)
This is just like wisp's video
Why mcpedl download very slow?
Could you please make this a mcpack or what ever its called I would rlly appreciate it
It is a .mcpack file, but sometimes when downloaded from a mobile device it gets changed to a .zip if this happens just rename the file and change the .zip to a .mcpack
Hi mate Today i downloaded your mobs generate structures addon and i loved it and so did my 7 year old cousin if you could i would really like you to add more java-type addons that tag along the genre of "minecraft but..." ill appreciate this and i highly think other people will too. hope you reply.
If you check out my youtube channel "BONY162" i have uploaded a lot more "minecraft but.." addons that i never posted here