Minecraft Studio Addon

Have you ever wanted to create your very own Minecraft Minigame but Command Blocks are too tricky to handle? Do you like Roblox? Well, how about we merge the two games together to create the biggest thing of all time, Minecraft Studio! Read on if your interested. (Also, I will add your ideas if you leave a comment below of what you want added!)

Version 1.0.2


Minebux - Who needs to buy Minecoins with real money if you can get a Minebux item for free in this addon? You can trade this iconic item with Noobs and Baconheads and they'll give you cool stuff back! You can also make a Minebux Generator with Minebux too!

Obby Block - This block is the perfect block to start a Minecraft Obby! You can create parkour maps with it, get it from a Noob if you trade Robux and so much more. The block looks useless but use your inspiration and then it'll be better than Diamond Ores!

Noobs/Baconheads - Forget Villagers and their ripoff trades, we've got Noobs and Baconheads from the game itself, Roblox! They have GOOD trades like 1 Minebux for 45 Obby Blocks and 3 Minebux for 13 Lava Slabs. These could also come in handy for making Minebux Tycoons!

Baseplate Sapling - If you want a good platform to start of your Minigame, how about picking up a Baseplate Sapling? It creates a 7x7 base out of Baseplate Blocks, which are unbreakable! You also have the ability to make the path endless by placing loads of this block

Minebux Generator - The perfect block for a Minebux Tycoon! This needs 5 Blocks of Emerald & 4 Minebux to craft and gives you 1 Minebux when you step on it. This block is the perfect way to get a full inventory of Minebux! There are secret versions of these in the addon files that will be coming soon.

Lava Slab - Do you want to make your Obby hard? Well that's where the Lava Slabs come in! They are coded so that when even 1 pixel of an entity touches it, they instantly die and they make rain occur at random occasions. Good luck trying to get past your Obby now! It is crafted with a Lava Bucket and any kind of Slab!

Disappearing Stairs - It's a bit like the Lava Slab but you step on it, it turns into thin air! This block looks like the hidden Red Obsidian and is really hard to avoid but it is possible to climb over without falling. This block is very hard to craft as you need 3 Beacons and 3 Obsidian to craft it.

Here are some In-Game images so you guys know more!

Here Is A Video On It:


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  • Hopefully the video isn't glitched this time!
  • Fixed a bug with Minebux Generators!


  1. Click the link and it'll download instantly!


  • Download The Minecraft Studio Addon! (149.55 KB)

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Do You Think Roblox Merged With Minecraft Is So Cool?
Robux rich man
And a make a robux man
How about when the stairs disappear
It reappear again just like in Roblox
Pretty decent looking addon. Can be useful for giving players the ability to freely build their own minigames if wanted. For an addon itself, it isn't bad, though there lacks content and as stated, there are things wrong (ie: blocks being transparent [set opacient texture to 100] and that you put the checkpoint as an item in the melee:sword category.].
Granny horror game

Objective to escape her house
There be objects be used to unlock doors vaults anything including the main exit
Weapons can knock her out for some
Muscle legends
lift weights to get thicc muscles
rebirth to achieve bonus and perm perks like more muscles % and gems
use egms to buy pets to get way buffer and advance more quickly
Dinosaur simulator
live and play as your favorite dinosaur
grow old and have hatchlings

Survive among other dinosaurs
create packs to join forces with other dinosaurs.
eat and drink to establish your hunger and thirst
collect dna to buy new dinosaurs through growing and living per day

game created by the Chickenengineer
Car crushers 2
crush cars to earn enough money to get a better car to get more money from crushing to get awesome cars
Ninja legends game from roblox
Train ninjtsu to get stronger
Sell ninjtsu for coins
Use to buy better swords ninjtsu capacity
And buy ranks to get a stronger with a better ninjtsu multiplier but you lose only swords coins ninjtsu capacities and skills
Earn Chi to buy pets to get even stronger with chi coin and ninjstu multipliers
Collect chests to earn currencys
Merge 5 of the same pet into a pet with better multipliers
Buy skills with coins to obtain health and dmg buffs
Kill a number of mobs to unlock more items in shop to get stronger
Use chi to buy shurikens and more better continuous shurikens
Come to the Pet clone villager to clone a number of the same pet to merge merged pets into the strongest pet evolution

Pet evolutions: Normal stevenized pillagerize skeletonized zombieized silverfish-titan creeper-verse
Cursed-Pig Milky-beef fluffenized Megacelot Logenarrot Catteround wholfy Foxenitized Beeeeeenized Batterrang Salmonager cod-away pufferenger Sushowned Legacy-doplhin Guardian-visor Chaos-villager Golemtricity Slimervalache Swolardian Warden-the-vast zippermen piglinized hogger zephroglin withorkneleton Stridorlot Gaster-ghast Blazerite OMEGA-wither endermight Enchantermen Twinkie-shulker Glutton-Ender-dragon
Pet Evolution multipers: Every 5 pets evolution multipliers goes from x5 x10 x25 x100
40 pet Evolutions
Elements permanently buffs pet multipliers rank multipliers grant element multipliers per element each pet brought instantly pufferenger pet evolution equip more than 2 pets
Elements: Shadow-creeper Blazed-endermen Witherstorm OMEGA-guardian Megamite Axolotitan Fatten-ender-dragon
All elements reset rank but gain permanent buffs
I made up the names of pet evolutions and elements
The real pet evolutions and elements are located in the ninja legends website
Ninja legends made by Scriptbloxian
One punch man classes
Ninja cyborg esper superhuman watchdog alien metal bat dark esper phoenix angel toxin arcane knight GOD and Thor
From roblox A hero's destiny
Forgot one class
new class Gogeta
One piece devil fruits
Gum chop dark light barrier love ope buddha gravity mera snow string shadow human wolf giraffe leopard sand bomb quake paw phoenix ice magma venom rumble allosaurus brachiosaurus spinosaurus dough and
King legacy
I Am A Bit Confused About This. Are These Supposed To Be All Items Or The One Piece Devil Fruit's Powers?
Its the fruits when eaten give you the
Forgot gas fruit
Hes the creator of super power fighting simulator
Add 4 stats
Including the Ranks and fusions multipliers
Become a hero or villian
Become powerful
Skills auras and quests
I love roblox
the block textures are literally some of the template textures for an app called crafty craft. You were so lazy that you didn't even bother to make your own textures, also I don't see how the blocks relate to Roblox whatsoever. Honestly, this had potential.
…And What's Crafty Craft? Some Of The Blocks Relate To Roblox Obbies And Some Relate To Robux.
Plus, I Have To Make The Mob Models, The Item Textures, The Functions, You Name It. It Took Around About 2 1/2 Weeks To Make.
Dude, the texture resolutions are inconsistent, even though you didn’t use crafty craft, you still used some app on the App Store. (Obviously you can tell because your screenshots are from a mobile device) Also, I found the noob skin you used too: Also, most apps that “specialise” on making addons mostly make the functions for you.
Also kinda suspicious that some of the files are called “pa” or “pamobile”.
I Do Use Addons Maker But It's Because I Can't Code Lol. (Also, The Screenshots Are From The YouTube Video I Made.)
Most of the blocks relate to roblox obbies. And some blocks are just an easier way than the resize tool in roblox studio.
I Tried To Make It Easier For People Who Don't Like How Hard Roblox Studio Is. Thanks For The Review! Appreciate It!