MCD Carpet Add-on

Hi. This is my first add-on for mcpedl so i'm sorry if this addon is weird for you. Do you wanted to make the castle (I don't know the actual name because I don't play the game) from Dungeons in Minecraft?

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-Add  image of the red carpet

-Add image of the cyan carpet


  • mcd-carpet.mcaddon
  • MCD Carpet
  • MCD Carpet

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Working addon with many carpets
Perfect juste a bit annoying to write /function..... But it's fine!
Yes this is perfect, thank you.
Can I use some of these textures for a resource pack I'm making?
I'll make sure to credit you.
i cant rlly join the beta bc im under age but i can downlode the versian
Good, you can build a cool medieval castle with this. 5 stars!