Medieval Castle Den of Knights

This world is a sneak peak for those in the Primary Gamers community for a new Mod. It can also be used as a fun Holloween map!! The Mod with the world will be published separately soon hopefully before holloween!

The Mod adds many things please watch the video below!!

This world is a fun and scary world for Halloween. Adding 5 tiers of Knights to your Halloween adventure!! This world will take you to a new world adding new ores weapons and more!!! The mod with all this will be released soon!!

If you find any Bugs with the Mod please report it here.

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I added a tutorial video for the Mod and added a Bug report form so I can try to fix any bugs!!

Added Mod download so you can use the mod in your own worlds!!!!

Added social links join are community and sub to are channel :DDDDDD


If your having trouble download the .mcworld watch this

If your having trouble with the zip watch this


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